You have to Decide to Your Entrepreneurial Goals In order to Succeed

1Pc Virgin Curly Brazilian Hair Closure With 3 Bundles Of Curly Hair WeavesThis article explains how commitment and perseverance will make it easier to achieve your goals in business. Using an example from an enormous fortune 500 company, you will notice how most business owners give up and how one can avoid it.

If there may be anything that I have learned over time is that essentially the most successful word in entrepreneurship is “commitment.” Did you know that 90% of all marketing campaigns fail, not due to the lack of quality, but because the marketer gave up too soon.

One huge example could be Marlboro. They were once pegged as a feminine-only brand. They just couldn’t get male smokers to buy them. They were number 31 on the earth for sales.

Then came the genius marketing team behind the Marlboro Man. Philip Morris sunk 18 million dollars into that campaign for a complete year.

…guess what, the following year they were still number 31, however the management knew that they had the fitting concept and maintained “commitment” to the campaign. Today they’re no 1.

1 out of each 6 cigarettes sold on this planet is a Marlboro. Even after dumping 18 million into a campaign they could have bailed at any minute, but they did not.

Now, this isn’t a tip about smoking so please don’t write me about it (I will not respond). That’s not the purpose. The point is COMMITMENT. You might have to stay committed to your goals, your plan, your vision.

Without commitment you don’t have anything but hope, and that is not going to get you anywhere without some serious action. Commit to your business and what it stands for. Commit to you goals of financial freedom. If you don’t surrender, you can’t fail.

Commit to your customers. Decide to your marketing. When you choose to follow that BIG word, everything else is just a speed bump here and there.

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