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Clip-In Hair Extensions

Unprocessed 3 Bundles Virgin Brazilian Curly Weave Human Hair Bundles DealsClip-in hair extensions are the most effective and most practical alternative for a lot of women. They’re affordable, wigs made from human hair have a quick and simple application and removal process, and might be changed frequently to match one’s mood or style. With most things that make our lives easier, there are some drawbacks. Clip-in hair extensions could cause damage to your natural hair, which in some cases is permanent. This is bad news for people who find themselves using clip-in hair extensions to cover up areas of hair loss since it might exacerbate the issue.

Track Alopecia, another name for permanent hair loss, is a gradual process. When hair is pulled tightly over a long period of time, follicles become damaged. In some cases, clip-in hair extensions are worn too tightly, for too long, or usually are not adjusted properly. Sometimes they are too heavy, and because the natural hair grows, they pull on the hair follicle causing damage.

At first, the hair loss is not noticeable to most individuals because the clip-in extensions cover most of the damage and a small amount of hair loss occurs naturally. Over time, the condition worsens and more and more hair begins to fall out. Every single day the maintenance and care like brushing, cleansing, curling and styling result in more damage and an increased loss. Eventually large clumps of are found to be missing and bald spots become noticeable. That is a serious problem with clip in extensions – they simply are usually not one of the best option for most individuals.

Within the worst cases of Track Alopecia, scarring occurs. In areas where follicles have been severely damaged and permanent hair loss has occurred, scar tissue replaces the follicles. Scarring looks patchy and is usually associated with itching, irritation, and pain. This condition is harder to treat and harder to cover up. If caught in time, damage is probably not permanent. Unfortunately, many clip-in hair extensions are sold retail directly to the consumer who are not warned or given proper tips about how to wear them to avoid hair loss.

wigs made from human hair

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