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Many women struggle each day with their hair. And for those with naturally curly or wavy hair, the struggle can be even more difficult. If this describes your hair, you might want to think about a Brazilian blowout. Read on to learn more.

7A Grade Body Wave Weave Hair 1 Bundle Quality Wavy Hair WeaveIf you would like soft, touchable, straight hair, but do not wish to get it permanently straightened, a Brazilian blowout might be your answer. Thats because this new hair technique allows clients to stand up within the morning, wash and elegance their hair and get out the door in a much faster and easier process. Also, if you get uninterested in it being bone straight, you may as well wear it in its natural, wavy or curly state. This offers you the better of both worlds. Explore what this method is all about.

The procedure
First off, getting a Brazilian blowout is just not a cheap process. You may expect to spend a couple of hundred dollars to get it done. So in case you have the cash, you can easily get started. The hairdresser begins by putting the solution in your hair and then placing you under a dryer. After its dry, your hair can be flat wig store san francisco ironed straight to ensure the answer is dispersed. Finally, the hair is rinsed, deep conditioned, after which dried. There are particular variations to this technique, but for essentially the most part that is the overall process.

There are quite a few great things about getting a Brazilian blowout. To start with, its not a relaxer or curly perm, which chemically alters the hair forever. Usually, if a woman wants to get her hair in its natural state again, shell have to cut it off and start over. Or, if she didnt want to chop it, she could let it grow out, but would have to deal with two textures which can look strange and end in a lot of frustration. With this specific technique you wont have this frustration because the process only lasts two to three months after which washes out. Furthermore, it doesnt damage the hair and many people report how shiny their tresses are after a treatment.

Final results
Once the procedure is complete, you get to enjoy carefree hair like never before. You hair can be manageable, easy to keep up and might stand as much as water, snow, and more. It is because prior to now, getting straight hair meant you needed to avoid any situation that might put your hair in danger for curling up. With a Brazilian blowout, if your hair gets wet or is affected by other elements, you may style it in minutes versus hours. And while this procedure is the absolute best thing on the planet for some people, someone else may not prefer it. If that is the case, this persons hair could be back to normal after a couple of months.

Potential risks
Although the Brazilian blowout is catching on in popularity, there are still some uncomfortable side effects or risks that you should know about. Formaldehyde has been known to act as an ingredient on this process. If a stylist uses formaldehyde, then this is not the technique youre looking for because this chemical could make you’re feeling sick and even cause 4 Bundles Unprocessed Brazilian Curly Virgin Hair Bundles With Lace Closure skin damage. So its best to do your research and ask the stylist if formaldehyde is used. If that’s the case, you must keep looking until you find a professional that uses a formaldehyde-free formula.

wig store san francisco

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