What’s Locs Got To Do With It?

Filipino Body Wave Hair Weaves 4pcs/pack Virgin Body Wave Human Hair Bundles

As much as natural hair is something that I assumed was personal, its impact is everpresent in entertainment, our classrooms, the news and even work. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you could have noticed that there’s lots going on on the planet. Call it what it’s essential to – racism, ignorance, bliss for some, or just pure foolishness – it’s hard to ignore the violence, turmoil and hurt the world is facing. Hair must be the very last thing we add to the list, but we just watched several bold, amazing young girls in South Africa protest for the fitting to wear their Afros. In 2016. A medal-winning gymnast can soar and almost touch the stars, but all we wish to know is, ‘did she adequately brush her edges today?In 2016.

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