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What Richard Branson Can Teach Recruiters About Social Media

Peruvian Loose Wave Virgin Hair Weft 4pcs/pack Human Hair BundlesOK I admit it I’m a huge Richard Branson fan. I do know I have mentioned him before-mind you he’s a multi-millionaire and pretty successful, so worth listening to do not you think

Back to Richard. I’m an avid reader of blogs, tips, and advice on recruitment and customarily tips on how to be a worthwhile human being. Last week I used to be browsing on line and discovered some ideas on using social media from the man himself. Well, maybe his team! Anyway they made sense and it made me wonder how this can translate within the context of social media for recruitment consultants. As a well known recruitment to recruitment agency based in London we talk to plenty of savvy recruiters who are always looking for brand spanking new and alternative ways to stand out when they go for new roles. Bringing knowledge and skills on social media might just be one in every of them with that aim in mind listed here are ideas on how to make use of social media translated for recruiters.

1. Tell stories
All of us love stories it is wired into us from birth. Going back over twenty thousand years that is how we communicated with each other in our bijous caves. Paintings dating back thousands of years were discovered and point to how we communicated with one another. All well and good though why do they work Researchers in Spain discovered that when we’re being told stories various parts of our brain are activated that never light up when we’re watching a boring power point presentation. So start sharing and telling stories on what is fringe hair social media and watch the magic begin to happen. Send a link to a post on your website; with today’s technology that it pretty easy to do. Every recruiter has hundreds of stories to share.

2. Do not use social media as just another job board
Before you shout; “rubbish” hear me out. Social media and particularly social networks are great ways to ‘engage’ with potential clients and candidates. There’s a saying when it comes to doing business with anyone in today’s new economy. First people have to get to know you, then they such as you then trust happens and only then are they more more likely to what is fringe hair ‘buy you’ or your recruitment company. By just posting jobs this won’t happen. Nobody likes to feel pressured all the time. Recruiters that just post jobs and nothing else are surrounded by a terrible smell; it is called desperation and the very best clients and candidates can sense it a mile off. Yes post jobs just be sure to post other content as well.

3. Choose your channel-LinkedIn, facebook, Twitter
For many of us LinkedIn is our main social networking marketing channel. It is sensible to stake your claim there. Twitter is on the rise now as a serious business tool. Refer to number 2 here please! The minute I connect with you don’t say;” please like my facebook page or take a look at our job board”. I am an open recruiter who’s used to getting pitched and that approach turns me off totally. Many clients and candidates will be switched off by that approach, so think about the way you start the communication piece on Twitter. What about facebook It depends in your market. I do know of quite a couple of recruitment companies which are rocking it on facebook. Why Because that’s where their market it is.

Next steps then. Think before you post and have a plan; it really is worth your time.

what is fringe hair

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