What Happens If you happen to Wear A Clip With Keratin Treatment?

Many girls with curls who’re distressed by their unruly, frizzy locks are grateful for the sleek silkiness that keratin treatments offer their tresses. But if you’re used to wearing your hair back in clip, you will want to take note of some special guidelines for protecting your newly frizz-free style, or you will end up with an unsightly kink in your otherwise lovely locks.

First 48 Hours
Avoid using hair clips for the primary 48 hours after having a keratin treatment applied to your hair. Your hair will initially be very fragile and moldable, and for the primary couple days after having your hair de-frizzed, you will want to treat your tresses with kid gloves. Meaning no clips, ponytail holders or other hair accessories. Using these decorative devices will leave a bend or dent in your hair, ruining the straight effect the keratin treatment is designed to impart.

After Two Days
On the third day after you’ve got had a keratin treatment applied, stylists say it’s safe for you to go back to wearing hair clips and other hair accessories. The treatment can have fully set and your hair will not be as malleable. Go ahead wear that flirty updo to the massive party.

Fixing a Kink
When you do use a clip in the first few days after a keratin treatment, you’ll probably see a bend or indentation within the hair where the clip was. To fix, immediately touch up the realm with a hot blow dryer or a flat iron to re-straighten your locks and eliminate the kink, notes NaturallyCurly.com. If you are unable to remove the indentation yourself, a fast trip to the salon may be so as.

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Ask Your Stylist
A large variety of keratin treatment options are available nowadays; each is composed of differing levels of varied ingredients, and each may have specific post-treatment instructions. An in-depth discussion with your stylist about which keratin treatments her salon offers will assist you both decide which is one of the best for you and your particular hair characteristics. You will definitely want to factor post-keratin-treatment care into your decision as to which treatment you select.

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