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Go Green With Shaggy Rugs

Affordable Virgin Brazilian Curly Hair Human Curly Weave 4 Bundles DealsThe color green is becoming highly regarded in decorating your private home as many top interior designers are using it and this is translating through the high street to more affordable shaggy rugs. This colour may be very seasonal as green Christmas trees are starting to be advertised and the shops are bombarded with Christmas and all things festive.
The green colour has mostly been introduced in dining rooms, bathrooms and bedrooms, it is a colour that goes well with other colours and appears great with dark woods. Green shaggy rugs are available in a fantastic variation of shades ranging from a light green, a turquoise colour to deep dark greens that actually make an announcement. With so many variations it is sensible to introduce some green into your interior design. Shaggy rugs in different shades of green add both texture and colour, with the added element of texture you possibly can really explore some bright greens and dark greens that will make an announcement.
Apart from black and white, green may be very versatile and goes well with most other colours, even opposing colours like red – the old rhyme says red and green should never be seen – but in reality they are literally complimentary colours as you will see on numerous Christmas trees. You do should be quite brave to go for a contrasting colour scheme and if you employ red do not forget that it is vitally seasonal and come January you may be a bit sick of it all. However green shaggy rugs are available online for quick delivery and are so cheap sometimes you may easily change your rug every season.

Green is great for livening up neutral colours corresponding to creams, and a well placed green shaggy rug can brighten up an otherwise boring room. Shaggy rugs in dark green contrasting with neutral walls gives a truly sophisticated look, without overpowering a room, and appears stunning with dark furniture. If you’d like more of the wow factor, contrast a green shaggy rug with black and white. When green is the one bright colour in a room, you may get a stunning effect that may wow your mates.

If you’re not sure about using a bold green rug then go for a mixture of blends, you might have a speckled shaggy rug with green introduced as a complimentary colour or it’s possible you’ll need a more modern rug with intricate patterns and a mix of colours, green being included within the pattern. These are a safer way of introducing colour as it is less overpowering but can still make an interesting statement.

Have a look through Land of Rugs online store for all of your favourite colours in wool and shaggy rugs that may feel lovely and cosy within the upcoming winter months. While you’re there complete your home interiors with designer wool rugs that will make your friends jealous.

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