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New Hairstyles For 2017

Gone are the days of blow dried puffy hair, today’s hair trends show that sleek yet edgy haircuts are in. To get these hairstyles, the hair is mostly styled straight and cut into choppy and tapering layers. And bangs add to the hairstyle like nothing else can. Bangs with any haircut styles look absolutely fab, and the longer the bangs, the higher virginity clips it looks.

Trendy Hairstyles for Women
Short Crops: The trend of short crops which are dyed with bright colors is ‘in’. Also, these styles look very unique and appealing. So, get your hair cut into real short crops like a buzz or right into a cute pixie with long bangs. Then dye your hair with some hot color like red, green, or blue. If you don’t want to go for such a dramatic color then consider dyeing your hair into platinum blonde or raven black.

Short Bob Cut: Certainly one of the popular short hair styles is the short bob. Get a brief bob cut, with the hair trimmed into a bit of U shape. Cut the back hair shorter near the nape of the neck, and the side hair near the ears. Then cut the front hair into bangs, which are long and tapering. Cut the bangs into parts in order that they appear well separated and fall in your eyes.

Medium Bob Trend: These bob hairstyles look great on all face shapes. To get these cute hairstyles, get your hair cut right into a graduated bob, with the hair cut at the back shorter and the side hair longer and tapering. Then cut the front hair either into sweeping Cleopatra style bangs or side sweeping bangs.


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