Typical Issues Faced With A Curling Wand And Ways To Avoid Them

4 Bundles Straight Indian Human Virgin Hair With Lace ClosureMany women use a curling wand so as to add bouncy curls and volume to their flat or thinning hair. Often, one invests in such devices without giving a thought to potential problems posed by them. Here we shall discuss the everyday issues one faces while using this device. The article also gives tips to avoid these issues.

Heat damage to the hair shaft

Modern curling devices typically make use of heat to curl the hair. This heat will be quite damaging to the hair shaft. Hence, one must make use of thermal protecting sprays and gels that are readily available out there. One should be especially careful while using the upper heat settings of the device. Women with thicker hair often over-zealously make use of such higher temperatures. They need to bear in mind of problems like frizzy, fried-out and dry hair caused by the styling device at such high temperatures.

If you employ the wand greater than two to 3 times per week, you will need to ensure making use of a leave-in conditioner to replenish the lost moisture. You can even use natural ingredients like eggs for deep conditioning the hair.

Burns caused by the device

Additionally, most curling wands and irons heat up within seconds of being switched ON. Care must be taken not to touch the new barrel as this could cause severe burns on the hands and fingers. Even during the curling process, heat from the barrel could cause burns to the neck, ears and scalp. If such injuries are severe-like blisters and bleeding; then one must seek prompt medical attention. An anti-septic cream needs to be used instantly on the burns. One must also try to minimize the heat damage to fingers and hands by using heat protecting gloves.

Traveling with bulky wands

Women often carry their curling wands and irons while traveling. They must be sure to make use of the correct outlet for plugging the device, especially when taking the device to foreign countries with different power outputs. The wand may be damaged permanently if used with incompatible wattages. One should go for small and portable curling wands and irons instead of travelling with the bulky ones which have tangle-prone swiveling cords.

Using the fitting type of wand based on one’s experience level

While most curling wands from top brands are quite easy to use; one must have some understanding of using the device. Always study the accompanying manual carefully. Understand what the different parts of the wand are. There are many how-to guides and videos provided online which might enable you master the device. Controlling the wand will also be problematic especially when one is using a big device with a bulky cord. There are a lot of wands which can be especially designed for the newbie. These can be used with one hand and are very easy to use. Additionally, many irons and wands come equipped with a plastic component on the barrel; these are perfect for the inexperienced user as she can use both hands without facing the risk of burns and injuries.

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