Transitions In My Hair And My Head

Virgin Curly Malaysian Hair Bundles With Closure Best Malaysian Jerry Curly 4 Bundles with ClosureAny shampoo that was on sale would do for cleaning and washing, but there’d be four or five iterations to get all of the oil out. After the washing, there was air drying. Home hair dryers weren’t too readily available back then; so, this took a long time. Once dry, there was straightening the hair with a heated comb…this was a heavy steel or iron thing that was warmed within the flame of a gas stove. The hot comb was moved through the hair from scalp to finish. Hairdressers who could perform this move without burning the scalp were in big demand. My Mom could do it easily. After straightening, there may very well be pin curls made with Bobbi pins, rolling the hair around twisted paper rods, or imprinting the curls with a heated scissor-like curling iron.

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