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Three Tone Long Virgin Brazilian Ombre Straight Human Hair WigsFormulated with high quality ingredients, Thermal Products, will transform frizzy damaged hair into smooth, shiny and soft hair while adding protection from thermal hairdressing and Ultra violet rays, to maintain your hair healthy under the sun.

Many hair is lacking moisture which leads to dry, damaged hair which finally ends up in frizz, flayaways and breakage. This moisture is lost during our daily routine of shampooing, brushing, blow drying, styling, curling, and flat ironing. Also our hair encounters many environmental challenges for instance wind and sun, All this daily wear needs a toll on our hair. Well, Rusk’s Thermal Styling Items are can provide relief, with a complete line of heat protectant products you’re sure to discover a technique to any hair issues.

The Rusk Designer Collection, Thermal has three professional styling products from which to decide on

The Rusk Designer Collection Thermal Protective Flat Iron Spray – 8.8 oz: Is employed like a heat protectant previous to the usage of a straightening iron or curling iron, coats and seals the cuticle leading to eliminating frizz and adding extreme shine. Spray on dry hair previous to the utilization of any flat iron or heat activated tool.

The Rusk Designer Collection Thermal Shine Spray – 4.4 oz: Work with a finishing spray to supply a superb sheen and luster in your style. Use on dry hair and spray evenly.

The Rusk Designer Collection Thermal Serum – 4.2 oz: Is right for anyone seeking a smoother hairstyling result. This serum contains specially formulated substances that alter dry damaged and locks into shiny, vibrant and soft hair. Use under a dime size on wet or dry hair (more if locks are very thick).

Rusk items are known globally for being a property to each salon professional and client, they’ve helped in developing a ravishing finish and longer lasting beautiful healthy hair. Ensure that you simply add the crooks to your daily routine!!!

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