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Up-Dos: Yep, that is right – when you have long hair and need to keep it that way – put your hair up when possible. I am not suggesting you appear to be an librarian each day, but certainly one of the reasons that women grew such long beautiful hair back in the “old days” is because they wore it up all the time. The load of your hair can stimulate the beginning of the telogen phase. When hair is weighed down and really long, it stops growing and falls out, or simply breaks off. Putting your hair up frequently will keep that weight off the root of the hair. You can pin it up gently with bobby pins or a banana clip when running errands, doing housework, cooking dinner, doing yard work, messing around in your computer, watching TV, etc. Now, this depends upon your hair style and hair length. In case you have a brief hairstyle, this step isn’t only unnecessary – it is impossible. However, when you’ve got shoulder length or longer hair, and want it to be as thick and healthy looking as possible, make it a degree to place it up and keep the weight off your scalp. The other upside is that it’s going to help keep the hair out of dinner.

How to wash Your Hair

Believe it or not, there’s a right way to scrub your hair. Treat it like the finest silk! If you’ve ever made the mistake of running a pair of expensive silk hose through your washing machine, you’ll know what I mean.

Here a few tips for avoid causing any excess damage to your hair while washing it:

1. Let your hair hang naturally while you wash it; either standing within the shower or together with your head leaning over the bath, or in a shampoo sink. NEVER – NEVER – NEVER – pile it up on your head to wash.

2. Wet your hair with warm water (not hot) to prepare it for shampooing. Keep the pressure on the showerhead gentle enough to avoid excess water pressure on your hair.

3. Pour shampoo into the palm of your hand.

Colorful Brazilian Straight PU Tape Human Hair Extensions4. Work the shampoo into a lather in your hand, and apply to your scalp. Work the shampoo into your scalp all over your head by massaging along with your fingertips (not your fingernails). Move fingers from one area of your head to the other by lifting the fingers after which placing them elsewhere in your head. Don’t drag them through your hair. Remember, hair is probably the most vulnerable to wreck and breakage when it is wet. If your hair is particularly dirty or oily, you can work the shampoo through to the ends. If your hair could be very dry or processed, you may just want to wash your scalp, and let the shampoo pick up any dirt or oil on the ends as it is rinsed out.

5. Rinse hair thoroughly with lukewarm water. Ensure that you just allow it to hang naturally. You may spread it out gently with your fingertips if it is long and needs extra help getting out the shampoo.

6. In the event you chose to use a rinse-out conditioner, this is the time. Unlike shampooing, apply conditioners to the ends of your hair, and if your hair is usually dry, apply the remainder on your hands gently to the roots. Repeat the rinse.

7. Towel dry gently. The brand new hair towel wraps are excellent, keep hair in place and are not heavy like a towel wrap so there’s less risk of breakage to your hair.

8. Once hair is towel-dried you can apply a leave-in conditioner.

9. ALWAYS comb wet hair with a large-tooth comb- NEVER brush wet hair.

10. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER sleep on wet hair – it’s vulnerable when wet, and may break easily as you turn in your pillow. Even if it would not break, it roughs up the cuticle and makes it look dull.

11. Air dry hair whenever possible.

With just just a little care and a focus, you can have the lush and lovely locks you deserve. Treat your hair like the best silk and it will reward you with shine, body and brilliance.

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