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Peruvian Human Virgin Straight Skin Tape Hair ExtensionsPepper spray is the most well-liked self defense product in the world. Law enforcement and military units the world over use pepper spray for law enforcement and crowd control. The primary appeal to the civilian community is its’ effectiveness and quite frankly the fact that it is cheap.

On the negative side pepper spray is not always easy to seek out. Wal-Mart used to hold it but no more. I discovered a police supply store here that had 2 or 3 to choose from-not too good a selection.

Pepper sprays usually are not legal in some states. Check together with your local police department first before you get one. You don’t need to get in trouble with the law.

Pepper as a weapon has an extended history going back thousands of years when Chinese fighters would gather pepper and other hot spices to throw at their enemies.

In order for you something that actually works pepper spray may be just the thing. It causes the attacker to gasp for air and induces temporary blindness. The eyes can actually shut down. Coughing and choking are common. It is extremely nasty stuff.

Pepper spray effects last so long as 30-45 minutes against humans. It is extremely effective against dogs, bears, coyotes and mountain lions or any animal with a sensitive nose. Almost all postal carriers have pepper spray.

One of many unique qualities of pepper spray is because of its’ nature it can be disguised. One looks identical to a lipstick container, one is packaged in a container that looks like a pager, another as a ring. But you won’t find those in any store.

In case you order on line you will discover a significantly better selection, very competitive prices often with discounts available, different shipping options, and no sales tax (yet). You just cannot match that in any retail store. Most websites have 40 to 50 models and sizes to choose from.

Once you decide where to get one and which is best in your situation, do your self a favor and try it out (outside in fact) and practice using it so when the time comes to make use of it’s going to feel comfortable to you. And know that wind and rain can change the direction of your aim.

Most pepper sprays work in a variety of 6-12 feet. There may be pepper spray gel that works up to 18 feet and a Pepper Gun has a spread of 25 feet. They use a fine grain stream. Foam and fogger products can be found also.

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