Tips on how to Pin Curl Short Hair

Pin curling short hair is a easy and inexpensive strategy to create a riot of curls. Utilized by women for generations, the technique was extremely popular within the 1940s and ’50s and can be utilized on medium-length hair as well, though effects will vary in line with hair length, thickness and texture. Several methods of pin curling can provide you with curls in a number of hours or overnight. Flat pin curls are popular and easiest to realize, and require a minimum of supplies and time.

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Step 1
Create a part in your hair at the top using the rat-tail end of a comb. Section and separate the hair from the forehead to the nape of the neck into 1-inch sections, or smaller sections for very tight curls. Comb each section of hair until smooth.

Step 2
Spray a 1-inch section of hair with hairspray or use a spritzer bottle stuffed with water. You’ll be able to experiment with both to see which works best.

Step 3
Grasp a piece of hair; hold it flat against your scalp with the fingers of one hand, after which curl the hair into a pinwheel across the finger holding the bottom of the curl with the fingers of the opposite hand. Form a whole circle or two, depending on length of your hair. Holding the curl down against your head, pin it into place using a bobby pin or clip over the center of the curl.

Step 4
Ensure that the ends of the hair are inside the curl to forestall stray or frizzy ends.

Step 5
Repeat the process on each 1-inch section of hair, from the forehead to the nape. Then, dividing hair into strips on either side of the center strip, complete the method, working from each side and from the forehead or sides of the head to your scalp. Blow dry or allow your hair to air dry. Remove the pins or clips and gently brush or shake out the curls.

Rat-tail comb

Hair clips (optional)

Spritzer bottle (optional)

Leave the pin curls in overnight for longer lasting curls.
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