Thieves Steal $30,000 Worth Of Human Hair From New Orleans Shop

PU Hair Best Real Brazilian Tape In Human Hair ExtensionsDa Hair Connect in New Orleans was robbed of $30,000 worth of human hair. There’s a whole lot of BUZZ about this story.

The hair is sold in bundles, and folks can spend more than $1,000 each time they decide to use them.

“People like to switch different styles. You might wish to wear long hair one week and a bob the subsequent week. They like to alter it up,says owner Charles Bell.

Bell wasn’t at all surprised to learn that his store had been robbed. He does go through great LENGTHS to keep his store safe. There’s no hair hanging in the shop, as it’s all concealed. People have to knock to are available, and security cameras capture all angles of the store.

Here’s what’s unbeWEAVEable, investigators say the thieves knocked out a cinder block wall within the back of the building to get in and out. They SLIPPED away with 125 packs of bundled hair that equals $30,000.

Human hair is being sold on the black market, and has caused thefts in large amounts, especially in major cities. $230,000 worth of human hair was stolen from one Chicago area salon alone.


[Ed. Note: The hair jokes are just that. Jokes. The crime is just that. A criminal offense. That could be a serious matter.

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