The Surya Handbag

2017 Fashion Hair Wigs Three Tone Ombre Long Body Wavy WigsThe Louis Vuitton Surya handbag got its name from the Hindu sun god of the same name. Shiny and bright with patent leather being perforated expertly to form the LV monogram logo. The Surya bag really shines, so it’s no wonder it was named after one of the types of Shiva. It is claimed that Surya had arms and hair of gold, and drives his chariot through the sky led by a horse with seven heads, or in some version seven horses. The number seven represents the seven chakras, or seven colors of the rainbow. He represents soul, will-power, fame, general vitality, courage, and authority. His direction is summer. Surya also passed on his name to modern culture, with the primary of seven days today being called Sunday. As yoga followers worship Surya every morning with the sun salutation, so do LV followers worship the Surya bag. The LV Surya bag is a spin off, as it will, of the LV Mahina bag. Mahina, interestingly enough, is the moon deity in Hawaiian. In Hindi, it’s the name for month. The LV Surya handbag is exactly the identical as the Mahina, but in glossy patent leather, thus looking more extravagant, and of course radiant.

Both the LV Mahina and Louis Vuitton Surya bags come in the XL and L slouchy shoulder bag styles, but the Surya gives a little bit extra with the shiny patent leather joined so delicately at the four diamond shaped leather pieces. These are each fastened with four brass studs, on the corners, giving the bag a seem like an old fashioned parcel. It is fastened with a golden brass lock with push lock closure. The bag has not forgotten its wearer, with sophisticated pleat work of the leather for body friendliness, and an inside pocket with D-ring so you won’t ever go searching to your keys in a never ending sea of bag contents. This Fall 2009 charcoal gray color is slick and solid, giving an unexpected shine to an otherwise grey autumn day. It also perfectly complements the fall trees’ changing colors, setting as a backdrop to the kaleidoscope instead of detracting from it. If you want to go bold with the already daring LV Surya bag, get yourself a cherry red bag. Red patent leather is a fave among the many celebs. Whereas once a woman was expected to match her purse along with her shoes, today’s fashion daringly mixes it up, using color in a liberating way as we have now never done before. They also are available in brown and black, if the shininess of the leather is enough for you to make a statement and also you wish to play down the effect. The LV Surya handbag is extremely versatile, being as comfortable in the course of the day as within the evening. It can be worn over the shoulder, around the elbow, or grabbed by hand essentially the most trendy way. How you hold the bag is the least of your problems trying to not wear this gem of a bag everyday now that’s another story!

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