The perfect Viral Ads

The internet has changed nearly ever facet of our lives, we communicate differently and more rapidly that we ever had before. We find love online, we write to family online, we order our groceries online, and we research every manner of interest online. The internet has become a pastime that consumes a large portion of our free time. TV has taken a back seat to the internet so advertisers have had to vary the way they advertise. The viral campaign’ is one in all the latest technologies in use today. Very basically it is a brief video clip that is compelling enough to get the receiver to forward it on to all of their friends and then that group to their friends and so forth. A completely new industry was born that is devoted to understanding what makes viral ads infectious’ and creating ads that lend themselves to this mode of ad transportation.

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The newly created viral ad is then seeded on the web in locations where it’s prone to be found and repopulated into other venues. The top ads are getting greater than 50 million views globally. Nike is one such viral ad success story, they produced a clip that had people questioning of it was real or computer produced. The clip ranged like wild fire all over the web because it drew attention globally and won Nike two Gold Lions throughout the Cannes Lions Festival. .

Another very successful viral ad was produced by Agent Provocateur. It features Kylie Minogue riding a velvet bucking bronco, which by itself would be considered provocative, ad sexy lingerie from Agent Provocateur and you’ve got an internet storm. This clip garnered over 360 million views and remains to be climbing since its release five years ago.
John West Salmon came up with an entertaining clip where one in every of their employees fights a grizzly bear with a purpose to land a salmon, their message; we go that extra mile for quality. This clip garnered more than 300 million views thus far and has won ten awards.
Quicksilver Dynamite Surfing came up with a comedic clip that has thus far been viewed by 20 million people. The gist of the story is a group of men living in a country without waves, throw a bundle of dynamite into a lake, the explosions caused waves that they were then able to surf. The question people keep asking as they pass the link around is; is it real? A telltale sign of success; four days after it is introduction to the net, it was linked to approximately ninety-five percent of all surfer related websites. This site won a Silver award on the Cannes Lions.

As time pushes forward, and TV becomes less the dominant home entertainment, advertisers are having to become increasingly more creative to be able to get their products in the public eye. Viral ad producers are outdoing themselves and so they’re only going to get better.

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