The Peak Arrival Of Home Appliances Discarded Test Vendors Conscience

2003 onwards, China’s annual 500 million TV sets a minimum of 400 million refrigerators, 5 million washing machines to be scrapped. In recent times China’s computer, mobile phone consumption surge. Computer ownership in the current society of nearly 2,000 million, 190 million cell phone population. The pc and mobile phone updates much faster than household appliances, but you may not know, one in every of three cell phone battery can contaminate pool water??

Cheap Virgin Body Wave Peruvian Hair Lace Closure With 4pcs Hair Bundles11 14, Ministry of information Industry official website announced the “Electronic Information Product Pollution Control Regulations” (hereinafter known as “management approach”). 1 March next year, came into effect. Supporting the publication of this standard was originally marked the China Electronic Information Products Pollution Control take step one of good news, but reporters found that many of the industry on the “management approach” really exist to manage pollution control challenge.

Discarded appliances and electronic products coming peak

From an environmental viewpoint, each producing a new electronic product, it means there will probably be a waste to be recycled, use and disposal. As everyone knows, China has become the electronic and electrical appliances production and consumption power. Based on statistical results showed that 80 of the last century into the Chinese family’s refrigerator, and washing machines must scrap on. Since 2003, China could have no less than 5 million a year television sets, 4 million refrigerators, 5 million washing machines to be scrapped. In recent years China’s computer, cell phone consumption surge. At present the entire of society to keep up nearly 20 million computer units, about 190 million mobile phones. The computer and cellphone updates much faster than household appliances, there are about 5 million computers on the 10 million mobile phones have entered the phase-out period. Survey, CPT glass, printed circuit board soldering and plastics all contain toxic substances, the computer contains more than 700 kinds of chemical raw materials, 50% harmful.

The environmental experts have warned that electronic waste properly, environmental pollution is very serious. Both buried with none treatment, incineration, or disposal of its hazardous substances shall be produced by the soil, air and water pollution caused great. In line with information that television, computers, cellphones, audio, etc. have been discarded or unusable electronic products, are all e-waste. E-waste contains a lot of toxic, harmful substances, it is a hidden killer, any distribution may be hazardous substances on the human body; e-waste contains lead, cadmium, mercury, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyl polymer (PBB), polymerization of brominated diphenyl ether (PBDE) 6 sorts of hazardous materials. E-waste pollution problem has plagued the environmental protection department.

To forestall a free flow of electronic waste in the civil year on March 1, vetted and approved by the Ministry of Commerce, “General second-hand quality of identification” and “second-hand quality accreditation old household appliances,” the official implementation of the 2 industry standards. The just released “pollution prevention and control of electronic information products management approach” and has one-year trial of the “Waste of Electronic Home Appliances Recycling Ordinance” is the upper and lower links respectively from industry played together on the disposition effect. But this “force” actually result’s many individuals’s minds questions.

“Management approach” has not yet formally implemented, isn’t convenient to make improper comments, but now many have been tried on the effectiveness of e-waste recycling laws usually are not significant, but it’s obvious fact. For example, the law provides that “Jiu Jiadian listed to display the status”, requires that each one access to the secondary market Jiujia Dian can be subject to second-hand quality of the identification of regulatory and paste the logo, for greater than years of mandatory retirement requirements of waste household appliances. However the journalists visited Beijing several well-known second-hand electrical appliances market, found that most second-hand appliances that weren’t labeled by standard provides “identity” of second-hand tag. Some businesses even said, never heard of this provision. In keeping with reports, the apparent site of the old household appliances paste uniform signs, safe use of a period of two years (except as otherwise agreed by both parties), not obviously part of paste unified symbol of the old household appliances, the safe use of a period of 10 years. In the event you paste the unified sign Jiujia Dian period of use than non-paste is shorter, then of course, many businesses is not going to paste. Even more surprising is that the “Jiu Jiadian listing to the identification of the” The policies have no special quality of the expert to carry junk.

To producers, “acting according to their conscience,” difficult

“Management approach” can be said that it is time for the introduction, in keeping with the regulations, the official into force, all in electronic products sold in China are required by the standards, pollution prevention and control of electronic information products marked signs. As well as, the electronic information products should also be required, mark out the products in the event that they contain toxic substances or elements, must be a prominent position within the product paste information signs, and must be in the prospectus contained in the standard request for the names and content of toxic substances clearly inform consumers. When the product into the electronic information products focused on management directory, the product or be toxic and hazardous substances or elements of the choice, either to reach the limit of the usual, through the 3C certification before they’ll enter the market, otherwise they’ll free up market. Author Box gaga has 1 articles online

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