The latest Fashion Trend Is Feather Extensions For Hair

I Tip Peruvian Straight Human Virgin HairFeather extensions for hair are the newest and hottest trend on the market. Girls are flocking to the fly fishing area, but they don’t wish to go fishing. They’re in search of the feathers from the lures so as to add pizazz to their hairstyle. Stylists credit the beginning of this trend to celebrities like Kesha and Steven Tyler.

The fashion of wearing colorful feathers was started by celebrities and immediately picked up by thousands of fashion forward teens. These long, colorful, thin feathers were originally meant for use for fly fishing lures; however fashion waits for no fishermen. Girls have cleared the shelves and begun to attach them at home.

Feather extensions commercially made are extremely easy to attach to the hair. Thread strands through the bead attached to the accessory until it’s against the scalp after which close the bead. It should stay in place for as much as thirty days. For a more custom and durable look it is best to see a stylist for more permanent attachment methods.

Caring for the extension is extremely easy. Quality feathers won’t be damaged by brushes, hot rollers, blow dryers or curling irons. Once the accessory is attached to grows out a stylist can readjust the attachment.

Finding quality feathers can be extremely challenging. Because the trend is so hot right now many salons are running out of the product and cannot get replacements. Due to this even salons are raiding the sporting goods sections to make their very own accessories.

Feather extensions for hair is a trend that took the fashion world by surprise. Accessory manufacturers can’t keep the items on the shelf and lure companies are also feeling the pressure of this craze. Going to the stylist is always the most effective technique to get the feather attached but crafty teens can even use the feathers from lures and do it at home. Sorry fishermen, fashion stops for nobody. Read more about: Feather Extensions for hair

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