The advantages Of Using Human Hair Extensions In Rough Winter Months

Even under the better of conditions, synthetic hair extensions is usually a hassle. They’re more liable to breakage, frizzing, shedding and tangling. Human hair extensions, which are product of real human hair, do not need the same varieties of problems. They always look real, because they are, and they do not tangle or split anywhere nearly as badly as hair extensions made of a synthetic material. Add in the issues compounded by winter weather, and synthetic hair extensions are no bargain.

Brazilian Straight I Tip Human Hair Extensions

Winter weather might be rough on any type of hair, but is doubly more problematic for synthetic hair. Winter weather tends to dry out hair and make it more susceptible to split ends and frizzing. For human hair, there are conditioners and treatments available that may combat these factors. Unfortunately, most of those products, which work well on human hair, don’t do a thing for synthetic hair.

By utilizing human hair extensions during rough winter months, you may rest assured that you will be able to take care of healthy, vitality enriched hair, even through the coldest of winter months. Human hair contains proteins and melamine that can’t be replicated by synthetic hair. By using human hair extensions, those who wear hair extensions are in a position to take action to protect their hair.

This includes:

– Using coconut-based shampoos and conditioners. Coconut-based hair care products contain proteins which have wonderful moisturizing properties.

– Using a leave-in conditioner to guard hair from harsh elements.

– Pinning or pulling hair up to prevent it from being blown around by winter winds. Having hair violently moved about by wind exacerbates breakage.

This stuff simply can’t be done with synthetic hair extensions. The proteins that are found in coconut haven’t any affect on nylon. That’s because nylon and other synthetic substances don’t have any protein in them. The coconut protein has no other proteins to bind itself to. Leave-in conditioners are just as useless. The truth is, using a leave-in conditioner on synthetic hair often causes it to look greasy. In addition, using a leave-in conditioner on synthetic hair can cause the synthetic hair to tangle even more than usual. Pulling synthetic hair back also causes the strands to interrupt. Basically, synthetic hair is made of nylon and plastic. Stop and think about Barbie Dolls. That type of hair is what synthetic hair extensions are like. Regardless of how much girls practiced and styled their Barbie’s hair, or what accessories they used within the hair, after a couple of days, the hair more closely resembled a nest made by rats than a high fashion head of hair. In actual fact, many people who regularly wear synthetic hair extensions often state that they use the winter months to work on growing their very own hair.

You should not hand over a great head of hair throughout the rough winter months. Through the use of human hair extensions, not only can you keep your extensions luxuriant and natural looking, you may as well protect your own hair from the ravages of the winter winds and weather.

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