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There are two main types of hair loss treatment options—surgical and non-surgical. Non-surgical hair loss treatments include options like Propecia or Lasercomb. Surgical hair restoration might be performed by a Bosley physician as either a follicular unit transfer (FUT) or follicular unit extraction (FUE) hair restoration.

4pcs Malaysian Body Wave Weave With 1pc Lace Closure Human Hair Bundles With ClosureFor those affected by hereditary hair loss, there’s unfortunately no hair loss cure. In such cases, medication like Propecia, Rogaine and even the Lasercomb may help to decelerate the progression of hair thinning and baldness. For early stages of hair thinning, these hair loss solutions may also help regrow some hair, but they will not fully restore the hair and hairline which were lost.

The only proven, permanent solution to genetic hair loss is hair transplantation. It really works by surgically restoring hair from the donor area to the recipient (thinning) area.

While surgical hair transplantation is the only permanent and the most significant receding hairline treatment, these other hair loss solutions can assist in your fight against hair loss.


Surgical hair transplantation involves transplanting hair follicles from one area of the top (called the donor area) to another (the recipient area). Most causes of hair loss could also be traced to the hormone DHT. In hair transplantation, DHT-resistant follicles are faraway from the scalp and artfully placed in thinning areas on the highest and front of the pinnacle. Our patients find there are numerous benefits of hair transplantation over other treatment options. You might also wish to see the steps involved in a Bosley hair replacement procedure.


The Bosley Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a minimally invasive hair transplantation technique through which follicular unit grafts (hair follicles) are individually faraway from the patient’s donor area and then individually transplanted to the recipient (thinning) area.

The grafts are removed using a precision tool and then placed within the recipient area. There is no such thing as a linear scar and no stitches are required, so your donor area might be minimally noticeable within only a few days.


The Bosley LaserComb® Elite is the one FDA-approved medical device that emits controlled laser energy to stimulate hair follicles and promote re-growth. Although the LaserComb is just not a hair loss cure, it is a perfect treatment for individuals with very early-stage hair loss where hair restoration surgery is just not indicated. Although it is not intended to treat advanced hair loss, the Bosley LaserComb® Elite could also be used either on pre-operative and/or post-operative patients to improve the outcomes of hair restoration surgery. You can purchase the Bosley LaserComb® Elite online from the Bosley Store.


The TheradomeLaser Helmet is an over-the-counter FDA cleared wearable clinical-strength therapy device for the treatment of hair-loss. It is non-invasive, and is intended to be used in the privacy and convenience of one’s own home. The TheradomeLaser Helmet uses Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) as an effective treatment in hair loss, and has been proven to slow down and stop hair loss, to strengthen hair by doubling follicle size and to regrow new, healthy hair via cellular rejuvenation. Read more on the Theradome Laser Helmet.


Stimulating hair growth has never been easier, faster or more sophisticated. Featuring 82 medical grade lasers, the HairMax LaserBand provides a brilliant-fast 90 second treatment. The LaserBand’s unique curved design and exclusive hair parting teeth provide optimal delivery of nourishing laser light to energize your hair follicles and regrow your hair!


Bosley Professional Strength is a whole system to help prevent hair loss and restore thinning hair – in 5 simple daily steps. Offered in Men’s and Women’s formulations, Bosley Professional Strength contains ingredients that nourish and invigorate the scalp and hair, creating the right environment for the growth of thick, healthy hair. Bosley Professional Strength for Men, including the FDA approved 5% Minoxidil solution, comes in a whole 6-month treatment kit and is available only through your Bosley counselor. Significant growth typically occurs in 4-6 months, and consistent compliance is required to take care of probably the most positive results.


Propecia® is an FDA-approved tablet taken once a day, available by prescription only. Propecia works to inhibit the formation of the DHT hormone that weakens hair and halts its growth. Propecia is just not a balding cure, and is not approved for use by women. Propecia have to be taken on an on-going basis to take care of its benefit. You may get more information on Propecia during a Bosley consultation.

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