Skunk Spray Remedy For your Dog

The Skunk Spray Problem

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One of many strongest traits of dogs is that they are very curious. Dogs usually roam around, observing things, touching with their paws, and sniffing. Should you usually let your dog out to roam, there may be an opportunity that it might come across a skunk and get sprayed. A dog will not necessarily get sprayed immediately after seeing a skunk, but since it’s in a dog’s nature to be curious, chances are high that your pet is going to be sprayed. The stink, which is kind of infamous, is definitely not the one problem attributable to a skunk spray. As dog owners, it’s best to keep your dog away from areas where an encounter with a skunk is possible. It is because the danger is more than simply concerning the foul odor. Skunk sprays can also cause temporary blindness, especially if the eyes are affected. Skunk spray can even affect your dog’s red blood cells. This is the reason it’s also associated to anemia in dogs. And going back to the stink, which can even attach itself to you, skunk spray ought to be avoided or, if not, removed immediately because it could possibly last for around two years once the smell settles.

Skunk Spray Remedies

The skunk spray is an oil substance called mercaptan. This is why removing skunk spray from your dog could be pretty challenging. And the challenge might be even greater in case your dog transmits the smell further to you and to certain parts of your house, so in case your dog has been sprayed, do not let it inside the house. Try to keep it from moving around with the smell as you prepare to remove the skunk spray from its skin. The very first thing it’s best to remember, however, before you even start removing skunk spray from your dog, is that you should still protect yourself from the skunk spray in the process. Wear old clothes as you set about the duty, because the smell will almost definitely be attached to it. The second challenge is determining exactly which part of your dog’s body was sprayed. That is the world that should be cleansed firstly. It must be thoroughly scrubbed until the oily substance is removed. After that, you need to hurry your dog to a full bath to de-skunk. A shampoo will do the trick in cleansing the affected area, and keeping the other parts of your dog’s body safe, but it’d take you a couple of bath to remove the skunk spray and de-skunk completely. This is better done through different de-skunking techniques and products. Several natural techniques have been taught on the best way to remove skunk spray from your dog. Some recommend washing the affected area with mouthwash and tomato juice. There are also some recipes for skunk spray remedies. Nowadays, however, there are several products which might be being sold to remove skunk spray out of your dog. If you happen to think you’ll most definitely be faced with a skunk spray situation, it could be best to maintain one of those products at home.

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