Should I Get A Perm?

Depends on is dependent upon the present condition of your hair, length, how you style it, etc.

It sounds such as you just need a change. That could possibly be with the proper haircut to your face, or maybe it’s a perm. E-mail me with more details and I’ll help steer you in the suitable direction 🙂 .

7A Grade Body Wave Weave Hair 1 Bundle Quality Wavy Hair Weave*It’s important for everybody to remember that a perm is rarely like a natural curl. Most of us have tried it oncein our minds, the perm is going to look exactly like our vision of perfect, naturally wavy curls. It rarely seems that way. At first it could be too curly, then while you finally start to love itit is going to soon begin to fall out and you’ll be back on the salon looking for answers.

Perms are great for certain hair types and styles. For some people, the proper perm adds body or gives them the curl they desire. The part that stylists have trouble explaining is the rationale why you cannot always get what you want. Large rollers need quite a lot of length to form a curl that can hold, but rollers that are too small may provide you with undesirable results (I’m not talking about my cute little cotton ball ladies right now…for you the perm is ideal 🙂 ).

If you’re unsure, schedule a consultation first. A god stylists will tell you it’s best for you, or that you just probably just need an incredible cut. There are also many several types of perms! Make sure you ask questions in regards to the product getting used and be completely honest about your hairs chemical history!

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