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Chunky Knit Blankets — Yes, Please!

I’ve found my dream item of 2016! You’ve seen them. The massive, cover-you-in-delicious-comfort, chunky knit wool blankets that feature magnified stitches with the alluring appearance of cloudy softness.

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These aren’t your ordinary knit blankets — these are pillowy clouds of luxury that it’s important to see to appreciate. I’ve found the best prices at Nata Home and Fashion, where you may get a chunky knit wool pillow and a blanket that are currently on sale! Shortly there would be new products added to the store: scarfs, cowls, sweaters and others which can be an ideal gift in your loved ones.

Ukraine-based designer and seller, Nataliia Logvinova opened shop in March of 2015 and already boasts greater than 1,000 admirers of her work. I used to be lucky enough to get involved with the vendor and learned that she creates each item herself using 1, 4 and 3-inch stitches for a bigger-than-life appearance. Additionally, she spends anywhere from 5-14 days creating each blanket, depending on its size.

When i asked her about her technique and what led her to where she is now, she explained that as a young girl, creating new things was something she loved to do and that her passion for creating her popular chunky knit blanket is driven by her love of knitting, a craft her mother instilled on her at a really young age. Using 100% Australian Merino Wool, she practiced tirelessly before finally developing her technique. With this, she began knitting blankets and pillows that grew very popular, very fast.

Merino wool is gathered from the ancient breed of Merino sheep. Their wool is both lightweight and insulating and hypoallergenic, making it unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. It remains warm even when wet, regulates body temperature (due to its natural breathability) and wicks away moisture — creating the right wool yarn for super chunky knit blankets that are perfect for year-round use!

Initially, Nataliia admits she wasn’t sure that her creations would make an impression — since her items aren’t the first of their kind — but says that she may be very pleased with the feedback she has received to this point and will continue building her Etsy store, where she hopes to be able to short wigs black hair supply even more colors and sizes to accommodate what she expects might be a really busy year ahead!

You can keep up with Nataliia on Etsy for updates on new products and upcoming sales.
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