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Five Minute Pony Wrap

An amazing technique to transition a basic nape level ponytail right into a more polished, glam hairdo, is to wrap the bottom with a part of the pony hair. A ponytail wrapped with stands on either side of the pony is very fashionable. It can be worn for nearly any hair event. The pony wrap hairstyle may also be crafted on newly cleansed or aged strands. With the intention to properly wrap a pony you need to start with strands which might be pulled into a pony. This usually means strands that are shoulder length or longer. Naturally textured hair could be wrapped if add-on strands of hair are used or the wrap sections are pre-straightened. Ideally the hair must be naturally straight or pre-straightened.

Best Virgin Remy Deep Wave Indian Hair 3 Bundles Human Hair WeaveA dab of styling gel, cream, paste or wax applied to the wrap sections will make them easier to handle and will prevent fly-a-way strands. A slight dab of shine serum or spray will instantly add sparkle to the simply elegant hairstyle. This changes everyday hair into an exceptional style.

Follow the easy steps to create this wrapped pony hairstyle: 1. Brush hair with 100% boar bristle brush to remove knots. 2. Apply any desired hair cream or related styling products. 3. Smooth hair towards nape of the neck. 4. Create a low nape neck level pony with the bottom located at the center of the back of the head. 5. Secure the pony base with a Blax, Bungee (available at or similar pony elastic in the same color as your current hair. 6. Use your fingers or a comb to separate out two equal sections of hair on either side of the pony. 7. Apply a light layer of wax, paste, gel or hair cream to the individual strands. Run fingers down the length. 8. Loop the individual sections up and around the bottom of the ponytail, one at a time in opposite crossed directions. 9. Pin the finished ponywrap underneath the pony to cover the pins. 10. Apply a tiny dab of shine serum, paste or cream to palms of hands and mix. Lightly brush over top of pony so as to add light shimmer.

There’s a simple solution if your personal hair isn’t long enough to create a base ponytail for wrapping. An add-on pony is a good bet. It allows anyone to achieve this great wrapped hairstyle, no matter their natural length, thickness or texture of hair. Attaching a short lived clip-on pony is an affordable method to rock maximum length and volume with minimal time or attachment challenges. A clip-in tail can provide instant sizzle and sass.

A fantastic buy The HairDo Wrap-Around Ponytail from HairUWear offers the perfect solution to instantly rock reams of luscious tresses cascading down your back. The clever Wrap-Around Pony (available at crafted with revolutionary Tru2Life heat friendly fibers (heat up to 350 degrees) can either be straightened or curled with thermal styling tools equivalent to hot irons or curlers. This implies The HairDo Wrap-Around Pony can assume multiple textures making a range of hairstyles easy to perform. This offers extra value for any real life Rapunzels seeking the largest bang for his or her add-on ponytail bucks.

When selecting an add-on ponytail or every other hairpiece take your time to find one that’s the precise color of your own tresses. Not only is the HairDo Wrap-Around Ponytail technologically advanced to handle heat styling, it comes in 11 gorgeous salon-inspired colors including Chestnut, Ginger Blonde, Glazed Strawberry, Ginger Brown, Buttered Toast, short bob back view Honey Ginger, Golden Wheat, Chocolate, Copper, Ebony, Midnight Brown, Dark Chocolate.

It’s easy to attach a HairDo Wrap-Around Ponytail. Simply smooth your own hair back out of your face and pull right into a pony secured with a hair friendly elastic. As long as you’ll be able to pull your hair into a small pony, irrespective of how small, you’ll be able to easily attach the HairDo piece. Simply wrap the HairDo ponytail around the base of your own pony. Easily snap the 2 ends together. Pull out the two side sections and create the ponytail wrap hairstyle. If you would like you need to use a hot iron and create stick straight strands or add loose curls and waves to the tail section of the wrapped pony.

Creating a wrapped pony hairstyle should literally take five minutes, but can appear to have taken for much longer. Whether you create this stunning ponytail hairstyle with or without an add-on pony, this hairdo is sassy and sophisticated. If you wish to glam up this gorgeous style, slide on an attractive Swarovski or crystal encrusted thin Indian Nail Tip Human Virgin Colored Hair Extensions Keratin Fusion Hair Extensions headband. For those who decide to go together with an add-on HairDo Wrap-Around Pony keep in mind it’s an affordable, lightweight, easy-to-attach solution. The virtually hidden ponies may be put in and taken out in a matter of minutes.

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short bob back view

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