Shipping Container Prices Set To Rise

The shipping container market is facing an acute shortage of containers as the manufacturing units are still recovering from the slump out there due to the worldwide recession. Singamas Container Holdings Ltd. is the worlds second-biggest maker of shipping boxes and they’ve said that prices will increase as much as 9 percent by year-end as shippers struggle to sustain with the demand for shipping containers in the worldwide trade that is picking pace rapidly.

The worth of a typical 20-foot shipping box in the market has already risen to 50 percent this year and it might climb to about $3,000 as early as December, Chief Executive Officer Teo Siong Seng said in an interview in Singapore July 16. Teo also said that there is perhaps a worldwide shortage of as many as 4 million containers. As the trade picks in the global economy, the shipping lines are facing shortage of containers and at many places they are refusing containers and rising rates for shipping due to lack of boxes.

The market is quite tight right now, said Um Kyung-A, an analyst at Shinyoung Securities Co. in Seoul. Shipping lines must bring back empty containers from Europe and the U.S. to meet Asias export demand. In line with Textainer Group Holdings Ltd., the most important container lessor on the earth, the worldwide box fleet shrank by 4 percent last year. The lack of containers out there and their heavy demand signifies that this can be a golden opportunity for investors to invest within the shipping containers and fulfill the demand created within the industry. As the prices of the shipping containers are set to rise by the top of the year, the investors can earn great profits by buying shipping containers now and leasing them to interested parties. Pacific Tycoon is one company that can help investors by providing them with high yield investment opportunities in form of shipping container investments. Investors can make safe high yield investments in the containers through the corporate and the corporate will make all arrangements to lease the containers to the interested parties. Find out more by browsing through
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Edward Ted Mallory is the CEO of Pacific Tycoons container business. Ted joined the corporate in 2007, holds a degree in law from Exeter University. His fields of expertise are International Maritime Law, Maritime Insurance and Finance.

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