Sensitive Scalp Relaxers

Virgin Peruvian Natural Wave Hair 3pcs/Lot Natural Peruvian Hair Human BundlesSensitive hair requires extra care and extra attention. Hair becomes sensitive when it endures damage through a lot of sources. Stress, improper diet and the general lifestyle of an individual makes a difference to the standard of hair one possesses. With fashion trends giving birth to style statements at every nook and cranny, could hair potions for a penchant mane be left behind? Absolutely not. Times have changed and mentalities have somersaulted for the influx of hairstyles that may be juggled with, to create different looks. It isn’t any news once we take notice of someone’s long lustrous locks and the subsequent day catch her with a bob cut. What was that, you might exclaim. Well, were they naturally long hair or fabricated long hair? Because the saying goes, curiosity kills the cat, one may want to seek out what the true story is, in any case! To cut a protracted story short, the word is experimentation! Yes, chances are you’ll experiment together with your hair. That is indeed the era of hair treatments. Hair extensions, hair color, perming, relaxing or hair straightening treatment … chances are you’ll go ahead and have a look that you desire. However, there are some who may have a sensitive scalp, which could also be susceptible to allergies and rashes. This can also result in the formation of red bumps which may itch and cause folliculitis further resulting in hair fall. The hair fall may very well be as mild as lasting for just a few weeks due to the treatment conducted on the hair or may very well be as severe as hair fall that is irreversible in nature. For such conditions, sensitive scalp relaxers may prove helpful.

What are Sensitive Scalp Relaxers?

Sensitive scalp relaxers constitute sodium hydroxide which relaxes the hair. However, for those who have sensitive scalp have a tough time as some may have sensitivity to the sodium hydroxide formulation. Instead of sensitive scalp relaxer products that contain sodium hydroxide, salons and professional hair artists have taken to using products that have lithium hydroxide or calcium hydroxide. Calcium or lithium hair relaxers are sold to clients for home use. These products will not be harmful if and when used with care and caution. However, if the answer is left on the hair for an extended period than the recommended time limit, there are chances that the product may not deliver the results expected from the usage. Clients feel that when the scalp starts to burn, only then will the solution work. This belief doesn’t hold true. You may notice that your hair will not be softened or straightened evenly, has endured breakage, ends have become dry and rough and the hair looks blown out of proportion. (Pun not intended, however, literally true!)

Scalp relaxers also referred to as no lye scalp relaxers should be applied as soon as they’re mixed. Recent research shows that hair relaxers ought to be applied promptly without whiling away time. Sensitive scalp relaxers must also not be preserved for application after it has been used for one client. Sensitive scalp relaxers are not any lye relaxers. It is not a single cream that can be utilized directly on to the scalp. There are two components that the hair artist has to blend; it is the cream and the activator. The cream constitutes calcium hydroxide and guanidine hydroxide that breaks down the protein bonds of the hair strands thereby straightening the hair. The sensitive scalp relaxer is claimed to be more active, rather aggressive, when it’s mixed and kept for long. When the mixture is kept for a very long time and not applied on the hair immediately, the scalp and the hair may sustain damage. It is also suggested that the left over product be discarded as soon as the applying of the identical on one client has been completed.

Sensitive Scalp Relaxer Products

Affirm hair relaxers are no lye hair relaxers. For sensitive scalp, the mildest type of this hair relaxer ought to be employed. Mizani, another brand for hair relaxers is a lye hair product having a superior name for itself. Mizani relaxers constitute sodium hydroxide and is supposed to straighten mild to kinky hair. Mizani constitutes the pre and the post treatment conditioners constituting ingredients like shea butter, cocoa butter and honey to deep condition the hair.

So, if you would like to use a sensitive scalp relaxer, just remember to practice caution. It is way better to consult a hair expert before you are taking the plunge to relax your hair. In any case, your hair adds to your beauty and in case your hair thrives on negligence, going bald may perhaps be a good idea!

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