Sensitive Ears Require Sensitive Earrings

Body piercings in various locations have always been a popular trend among men and women, in addition to children, teenagers, and even many adults. Ear piercings are the most common type of body piercing, since they’re relatively easy and painless to have done, and the method is often cheap and available in department stores, retail stores, and even at mall kiosks. Earrings are easy to vary, and there are many different styles available to suit your need and moods. But in relation to choosing between regular earrings and sensitive earrings, how are you aware which is the best fit?

Unprocessed Virgin Malaysian Loose Wave Hair 4pcs Wholesale Price Human Hair BundlesMost people do exactly fine with standard earrings. However, if you discover that you have a sensitivity to the earrings that are in your ears, most notably marked by itching, burning, redness, discharge, bleeding, and general irritation on the piercing site, then it is entirely possible that you are having an allergic reaction to the kind of fabric that your current earrings are made out of. A sensitivity to pierced ears doesn’t mean that you will have to return to stick-on and clip-on earrings – it simply means that you’re going to must check out various sensitive earrings to be able to find a compatible fit. Depending on your level of sensitivity, you may find which you can still use earrings present in most stores. Nickel is the most common component found in most inexpensive earrings, and is often the culprit for piercing site sensitivity. In this case, stainless steel or gold earrings might do the trick. Or, you may find that you need specialty earrings that are not always readily available.


Stainless or surgical steel earrings are an inexpensive option that will not require you to pay a small fortune, or shop in specialty stores. Your local tattoo/piercing parlor is a superb source for stainless and surgical steel earrings. These earrings are typically made from a mixture of chromium and iron, which rarely irritate. And, these earrings are virtually rust-proof, so you will get a variety of use out of them.

Sterling Silver

Resistant to tarnishing and almost completely hypo-allergenic, sterling silver earrings are another great choice for ear sensitivities. Ensure that any sterling silver earrings you purchase have a “925” imprint on them, as this guarantees that they are made out of 100 percent sterling silver.


Solid gold earrings can be found in numerous levels of purity and designs, but because gold is a precious and thus expensive metal, you could find that all these earrings are not suitable for everyday wear. Also, gold is a soft metal that’s prone to tiny nicks and dings.


Like gold, platinum is a costlier metal, however it too is a wonderful choice for sensitive ears. Platinum is also a harder metal than gold, so these types of earrings will most certainly be durable and long-lasting.

Helpful Tips

Keep your earrings in good condition, and prevent them from possibly irritating your ears, by turning them regularly, changing them at the least once every week, and periodically soaking them in warm water with a little bit of soap in order to scrub off any debris and bacterial. Never sleep together with your earrings in, as they may tighten and cause constraint-induced irritation, which can often be mistaken for an allergic reaction.

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