Selling Your Hair For Cash

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The Ritters: Long Hair

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sendingKate 23 months ago

In the past , I donated my hair my hair and the last time I did it the stylist kept me coming back for several weeks to cut off split ends . I realize this was a donation , but in the past I atleast rec’d a free hair cut and went with out a blow dry . Having grown out my hair color the primary time I donated I rec’d the regular short hair cut / blow dry at no charge. The 2nd time , my stylist had left on leave and felt as if my hair was sold on the side . Know , I’ve 12 inches of hair with out a split end in years and would rathet sell it. Tips on how to find a Salon in NJ USA to sell my hair to ?

Anastasia 2 years ago

I’ve approximately 1 foot blonde human hair I need to sell. Talk to me

Lorraine Eagleton 2 years ago

Well I was curious…. My Daughter is 12 years old and has platinum blonde hair…. And i just gave her a hair cut… And so very soft where could I sell it since I know her type of hair is rare

natasha 3 years ago

Need to sell my hair indian hair very long n black how do I

irene 4 years ago

Going to chop my hair life in south Africa cape town where can i sale my hair?

mr. Kasimov 5 years ago

now we have asian hairs and of course we need to sell it. If you are interested in this job and want to purchase them please connect with m my email: and

sahil 5 years ago

ather cliping

Zacharius 5 years ago

Good article Earner with some handy tips. Another hair selling/buying site for you yo add is its also got an excellent walkthrough to maximising your hair revenue here: and the listing process can also be well detailed. Plus it is free!!

Zinmas 5 years ago

You may also sell on hair on

known_for_my_hair 5 years ago

I have long thick wavy virgin hair. Every three years I donate it to locks of love. I going to do it this past summer but got to busy and decided to attend until next spring. Which might have made my hair even longer (it’s already down to my lower back and I’m tall with an extended torso so that is saying something) I’ve hit some financial woes and am now considering selling my hair now instead of donating it later. I’m searching for a buyer and a superb deal. It is Christmas and that i need the money but don’t want to sell it for any small amount. I understand how great my hair is and the way much demand there is for healthy, long, thick, virgin hair. Anyone interested?

hairbuyer 5 years ago

I buy good quality longer hair.

Send an email when you have some.

Mayra carrillo 6 years ago

My daughter has long hair and i wish to sell it any takers? Her hair is virgin she has never dyed it or done any treatments to it it’s between wavy and curly.

amanda 6 years ago

I might like to start selling hair. I am a stay at home mom and wish to start out my very own business.I live in South Africa,Durban.I have asked all the salons in my area to keep all the long hair for me,most of them are indian hair.Who do I contact and where do i take it to from here.Please help me with what the do,s and donts are.Thanks.Amanda.

AuthorDedicated Content Curator 6 years ago from United Kingdom

Hair Salons are actually being targetted by burglars because human hair has become so valuable.

Jessica Carey 6 years ago

How do I’m going about selling my hair? How do I put a picture of my hair on here so I can sell it and make extra money for selling my hair? My email address is

Lori J Latimer 6 years ago from The River Valley, Arkansas

The last time I cut my hair off, I donated it to Locks of Love.

LensMan999 6 years ago from Trans-Neptunian region

I don’t know at first that hair may also be sell. The thought to earn money by selling hair will really works for me as I too have long hair. Thanx a lot for all information.

Hello, hello, 6 years ago from London, UK

That is a great idea. Thank you.

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