Selecting the right Hair Extension Method For your Hair

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If you’re eager about getting hair extensions, you will certainly need to do some research before you extend. There are so many alternative methods available today and picking the wrong method could spell disaster for your hair, not to mention your budget.

Hair extensions may be a little pricey, so make certain and shop around and take a look at several different methods before you make a decision. Below is a question from someone who already has extensions but is beginning to be concerned about hair loss issues.


Are you able to tell me which method is less stressful. I’ve very fine thin hair and am currently wearing extensions. I’ve noticed that as the hairdresser takes the extensions out to replace them, I have been losing a number of my own hair. I am beginning to feel very down about this as my hair is thin enough as it is. Also the extensions I have always look piecy, not look natural and separated enough. Are you able to please offer me some good advice. I’ve been stuffed around so much. I have the bond method. Not pre bond. Which method is the safest way for me to go for?


The problem with extension methods today is that every company and salon claims that their method is the best and causes no damage. I am not a professional cosmetologist, so the knowledge listed below is from the research I conducted in writing the eBook Hair Extensions Exposed.I’ve heard through various stylists that the following methods will be less stressful for the natural hair.1. Go together with synthetic instead of human hair. Synthetic hair weighs about 1/3 the load of human and puts much less stress in your natural hair. Some methods that use Synthetic hair are: Dome, ProHair 2. The methods that use clips, mini locs, links, etc. These methods do not use any sort of bonding adhesive that may be very damaging. Some of these methods are Hairlocs, Eurolocs and Shrink Links 3. Other methods: Sequence Hair (They are only in New Jersey)–use a string to attach hair, Hair Police-use string ( )Another possible solution that you just may want to contemplate it to start taking vitamins for the hair and nails. There are many various brands available.

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