Seborrhea Dermatitis And Itchy Oily Scalp: Shampoo And Dandruff Treatment Review

Diseases, Disorders » Shoulders – which contains pyrithione zinc

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Sebulon – contains pyrithione zinc

Sebutone – which contains coal tar

Tegrin – contains coal tar

Nizoral – which contains ketoconazole

It needs to be noted that oily, sebum-rich areas of the body aside from the scalp might be treated through the use of the shampoos as lotions. Most shampoo instructions call for daily use. When scales have gone away and inflammation has decreased, most shampoos direct the patient to make use of them 2-3 time per week. The patient can adjust the weekly use to fit his/her need to control symptoms. For loosening scale the patient can use oil based preparations. Wearing a swim cap can keep the oil in place while sleeping at night.


As with many skin ailments, itching and inflamation could be helped using corticosteroids. These medicines help reduce the inflammatory response. The stronger corticosteroids will not be recommended attributable to serious unintended effects that may occur. Lower strength corticosteroids are frequently used. Hydrocortisone 1% which may be purchased at the drugstore over-the-counter is recommended. The anti-fungal shampoos above must be used to manage the seborrhea. Hydrocortisone is usually saved for flares. Other lower strength corticosteroids may be prescribed, BUT ONLY BY A PHYSICIAN AND UNDER HER CARE. For a list of the sort of corticosteroid (20 of 175) prescribed for seborrheic dermatitis see

A common location of seborrheic dermatitis – | Source Final Thoughts
In conclusion, there are several positive notes about seborrheic dermatitis, or dandruff. A doctor or pharmacist can direct you to the commonest medications which may be found over-the-counter. This also means the price for treatment may be reasonable. Though most frequently a chronic long lasting problem in adolescents and adults, these meds can control the symptoms well. If you do not appear to be responding, immediately seek a physician’s expertise, as several other skin disorders can have similar symptoms. One such disorder is psoriasis.

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Sebhorrheic Dermatitis – Symptom Relief
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How great of you to share about Shielo Hydrate Shampoo. Your comment adds greatly to the hub’s usefulness. Thanks loads!

GregFitz 5 years ago

I have used multiple products for my dandruff problem (Neutrogena, Garnier, Head and Shoulders etc) and Shielo Hydrate Shampoo has been the simplest I have found, from the first wash there is great relief, and a few washes afterwards it effectively clears up all of the dandruff.

I usually apply it twice in each shower to scrub the scalp thoroughly. It smells and feels great on the top.

daviddwarren22 6 years ago

Useful information.

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