Pub Restaurant In Bratton

4 Bundles Unprocessed Brazilian Curly Virgin Hair Bundles With Lace ClosureFinding a Pub In Bratton where you may have a great time has never been so easy! Now, you may enjoy a lovely dinner with your loved ones in a special place and in an incredible atmosphere. For those who wish to have your birthday party here or if you wish to spend a special occasion together with your loved ones in an amazing place, check out this Pub Restaurant in Bratton, namely The Duke at Bratton. You will certainly return to this pub whenever you wish to spend your free time having a drink or a meal in an excellent place.

Give this Pub In Bratton an opportunity and convince yourself of the numerous advantages this place has to offer. A wonderful view, an intimate place, and an important history are a few of the things that attract clients to return to this pub. Moreover, you possibly can bring your dog along as animals are welcomed in the large beer gardens owned by this pub. The following time you need to go out, you should not have to worry about leaving your dog home alone.

The history of The Duke at Bratton is an interesting one and you’ll read more about it on their website. You could find out about the enormous whale bones which are placed over the garden gate or you’ll be able to examine the event this Pub In Bratton has faced through the years. With a history tracing back to the 18th century, this pub offers a rustic atmosphere and a gorgeous landscape surrounding the place which you’ll find delightful.

If you want to have a nice and delicious meal with your loved ones and friend, it’s essential to know that The Duke is a Pub Restaurant in Bratton. This can be a 38 seat restaurant where you may eat freshly cooked meals made mostly from locally sourced products. They may even provide smaller portions with a smaller price for children and senior citizens, so you can bring your whole family. Choose the traditional Sunday lunches and produce your children, too, as they will enjoy the exciting children’s menu. The opening hours are from 12pm to 11 pm each day, so pay them a visit and have an exquisite time at this pub.

Would you like to contact this Pub Restaurant in Bratton so you may make some enquiries regarding their services? The contact details are available on their website. You can even follow them on Twitter or give them a like on Facebook in case you have enjoyed your time spend in this place. If you would like to hire them to cater for an occasion, give them a call and discuss all your requirements. Be it a wedding or a funeral, they offer quality services and an amazing place that adds a private touch to the occasion.

Trying to find a Pub Restaurant in Bratton which serves various dishes which are gluten free? Otherwise you just wish to enjoy a real Moles ale in a friendly Pub In Bratton? Choose The Duke at Bratton and you will not regret the choice!

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