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Sew In Extensions On Caucasian Hair

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Sew in Extensions on Caucasian Hair
Updated on August 27, 2011 hairxtensions more Sew in extensions on caucasian hair
Seeking to get hair extensions Choosing the best method is always hard! This article provides you with an overview and plenty of info on the most old style and hottest method within the book: a sew in weave!

Sewn in hair extensions are affordable, easy and gentle on the hair. Keep reading to achieve more information…

caucasian sew in extensions Sew in prom down dos Weave Extensions Caucasian Hair
Otherwise known as ‘The White Woman Weave’
The Sewn in hair extensions is the oldest hair extensions method available on the market. This hair extensions method was originally invented in Africa. weave originally was invented in Africa a few years ago.

What is a sew in weave
When getting a sew in weave you can either go for a partial weave or a full weave. This article is for a partial sew in weave. A sew in weave is created by corn rowing your natural hair, after which sewing the hair extensions onto the braids on wefts.

1. Cornrow the hair horizontally in 2-3 braids across the back of your head.
2. Secure the braids with rubber bands or stitch thread

3. Sew on hair extensions wefts to the tracks.
Watch the YouTube below for a step-by-step guide on how to use sew in hair extensions. All you need is a needle, some thick thread and wefted hair extensions!

The benefits of Sewn In Weave Hair Extensions
Sewn in hair extensions is the oldest and hottest hair extensions method available. Although there are lots of other newer methods available available on the market- the sew in has remained popular! The Sew-in weaves popularity might be explained by the next factor:

It is comparatively quick way of adding extensions – it takes 2-3 hours
It’s a very gentle hair extensions method, that will not damage your hair.

A sew in is a long term solution that last 2-4 months!
It creates a believable and natural finish
Other facts about the sew in weave

It is comparatively easy to find a stylist that does sew in hair extensions. Just remember to discover a stylist that knows what they’re doing. You also needs to be sure that to purchase remy human hair extensions to be sure that the hair will not tangle, mat or shed!

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What’s your favorite hair extensions method Have you ever tried a sew-in
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sendingKaz 11 months ago
My weaves sew in reckless my thick hair I can not even put my hair in ponytail at min I’m so upset I also think the text above is misleading, they’ll reck your hair and no please don’t swim in them the load will break your hair be natural, wish extensions would go away

Connie 13 months ago
Are you able to shampoo sewin hair extensions or just condition

@anonymous: I just got my first perm in a couple of 9 or ten months, i like my perm it came out great! however, i want to get extensions that r permed as well to get length. i literally got my perm 32 hours ago and was planning on going in for extensions in 5 days before i leave for detroit. i am concerned that parts of my hair on the scalp feel very course others normal, i believe the perm may have burned my roots. i don’t kno for sure as i have yet to clean my hair for the reason that perm, waiting roughly 72 hours it could just be residue or at least that’s what i’m telling myself 🙁 is it a good suggestion to get any kind of extensions yet if so, which is your best option my curls r great but i would like length as well.

I do hair and weaves on all hair types. I tell all clients that it is advisable let your hair rest from weaves. If you don’t what ViLou707 explains is the out come. Also, your hair may have been brainded too tight, You need to watch out when selecting individuals to do your hair. Not everyone that does weaves care about the clients hair, they care about money. Sorry you had such a nasty experience.

@anonymous: Approx how long we’re you getting weaves for Possibly do you think it was because you did it too often without letting your hair rest in between or was this your first time

@anonymous: I’m sorry this has happened to you & thanks for sharing.
@anonymous: Hi – I just had so as to add to this, that I believe the above article could be very misleading ! The braiding and pulling and sewing on of extensions to the natural is never ‘gentle’ ! I recently needed to go and see a trichologist in regards to the horrendous damage done to my hair by wearing weaves. I’m white, and had pretty healthy long average thickness hair before I got weaves in. I just wanted then for more volume. I sit her now, with hair just touching my collar bone, which is so ruined that there is not even enough left to put a ponytail in. I haven’t stopped crying for days. I never had my weaves very tight, they were always comfy, and that i always looked after them, – but the upshot, from the trichilogist is that this….weaves suffocate your hair and starve them of air and moisture. They braiding and pulling causes the follicles within the scalp to shrink and malfunction, to the point where the hair becomes frighteningly thin, or stops growing for good ! I do know this is true, because I’m living proof. I am not the just one . I have black friends, mixed-race friends and other white friends who’ve all sworn never to attach extensions of any kind to their hair again. The only extensions I will ever wear in the future are good quality clip ins like Foxy Loxy….I am unable to even wear a fake bun or clip ins at the moment because weaves left me with so little hair that i can not even style it. I really don’t love the way in which this article means that weaves on braids are a gentle option|! They have ruined my life !

I install sew in hair extensions exclusively on caucasian women. Quite a lot of the women who get this have very thin and fine hair that just wont grow long and thick. I’ve been doing these extensions for about 7-8 years now and caucasian women cannot go 2-4 months without getting it tightened or redone depending on how they take care of it. Their hair is just too fine for that. It could cause serious matting and breakage. On another note in my experience I’ve had to repair lots of jobs that were not done correctly for a “white” woman. When getting them done at an ethnic salon you must ask in the event that they do loads of extensions on “white” hair and if they arrive back often and are satisfied. Ask for pictures. Simply because they will do a fantastic weave on ethnic hair does not matter in relation to slippery straight shiny hair. It doesn’t hold as well.

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