One of the best Guide To Clip-in Hair Extensions For Black Women

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You’ll be able to select from a variety of extension sets, depending on your preference. Choose from full head, half head, specific sections, clip-in fringes, celebrity clip-in hair, and highlights and streaks as well.

  1. When you want to get a full head of extensions, then start by parting your hair into four, equal sections.
  2. Begin with the section of hair which is closest to the lower part (nape) of your neck. Place each clip of extension in front of you and insert the first two clips on the lower nape hair section. Snap the clip to close it.
  3. When you’ve got fine hair and the clip shouldn’t be staying in its place, you can tease the roots with a comb (gently). Make sure that you utilize a comb and not a brush.
  4. Similar to the 1st section, take the subsequent three clips and go to other sections of hair just above the primary one.
  5. Repeat the identical ‘snap and close’ method to secure the clips in place. Two more clips will go on the 3rd section, slightly above the 2nd section.
  6. When you reach the highest of your head (from the back), place three clips there. These clips are designed in a selected manner in order that they lay flat over your head.
  7. To hide the extensions, the 4th section of clips will do the trick. After finishing all 4 sections, now we move to the front of the head.
  8. Place two clips on either side of your head, about couple of inches above the ears. Two more clips above these and one last clip will go right on top of your head; and that’s all it’s good to do.

  1. There will probably be times that smaller strands of hair won’t cooperate while the extensions are being placed. In that case, instead of using a hair spray, use a serum. Take proper care of your extensions and they’re going to look new every time you place them in.
  2. Serum will help keep tangles out and will likely be easy to clean your natural hair when the extensions are removed.
  3. While using natural (human hair) extensions, just be sure you wash them once a month (or depending on how much you use them). Make a solution of water and regular shampoo, and apply conditioner in the long run. This fashion, they will last for an extended, very long time.
  4. After the extensions are completely dry, use a flat iron to straighten them properly. This fashion, once you apply the extensions again, you would’ve skipped this part and applied them directly. It is a great practice to be thorough.
  5. Don’t brush or comb your extensions when they’re wet. Also, be certain you don’t tug on them too hard. You do not need hair strands to fallout, do you?

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