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Hair extensions can give you long hair immediately and afford you the chance to drastically change your style at a moment’s notice. If you want to keep them around, listed below are some tips for keeping them looking nice.

Hair extensions can give you long hair immediately and afford you the opportunity to drastically change your style at a moment’s notice. For those women and men who can’t grow their hair out naturally, or enjoy the option of wearing their ‘do short when the occasion requires it, it’s the right compromise. In some cases, growing out the locks isn’t even an option for various reasons. Irrespective of your reasons for wanting them, you must definitely learn to care for them properly before spending the money. If you are only going to wear them for a single event, it would not matter as much, but if you need to keep them in good condition to use many times, there are some tips to contemplate.


Be gentle along with your hair extensions. Whether yours are made from real hair or synthetic materials, you need to be cautious when applying shampoo. When worn, the locks will tend to soak up a number of the natural oils out of your head. That is normal, but it does have a somewhat compromising effect on the material. You do not need to begin breaking off follicles (or fibers) by being forceful together with your washing regimen. Use shampoo as recommended by your seller, along with cold water. Wait until they are dry before you comb them out.

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It is important to keep your hair extensions moist. After they dry out, they will become brittle and break more easily. When you style them frequently, using a moisturizer on a regular basis is even more important. At the same time, it’s a must to strike a balance between the correct quantity of moisturizer and an excessive amount of. If you go overboard, you could possibly be left with greasy looking locks that will not match your real hair.


Generally speaking, it’s best to wait until your hair extensions are dry before applying any kind of styling chemicals or mousse to them. Do not try to accelerate this process through blow drying, either, as this can be harmful to their longevity. If that you must blow dry, wait until you’re finished before putting your extenders in. Many experts recommend getting a couple of sets, considered one of which can be utilized when you need a straight look and the opposite for curly occasions.

Follow Directions

The most important mistake people make when caring for hair extensions is ignoring the directions. Talk to your stylist or your salesperson and ensure you understand what you can and can’t do. Article Tags: Hair Extensions, Wait Until

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