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The Super Predators

The primary time Tingle tried to get help was on September 9, 2014. Driving home from a dinner date, the couple had started arguing within the car. Their accounts of what happened next diverge radically. In response to Martinez, Tingle hit herself and threatened to report him to the police. But in Tingle’s telling, Martinez grabbed her hair my hair hair extensions and struck her face into the dashboard after which the passenger window, causing a pointy stab of pain. She asked him to let her out, at first calmly and then frantically. He refused and started recording her on his phone, locking the doors. She screamed and banged on the window, waving at other cars for help. About the one thing they agree on is that he recorded her.

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A driver of a nearby white Ford truck, Michael Gustin, noticed the commotion contained in the car. He recalled watching in shock as a woman climbed out of the window at a stop light. Tingle ran over and asked Gustin if he could take her to the closest police station, he said—“in distress, like, in a panic.” He recalled that her face looked swollen and bruised and that she said her husband had hit her. Gustin drove her to the Seaford Police Department. After they arrived, he said, Martinez was already there.

Tingle ran into the station along with her husband right behind her. Before she could do anything, she said, Martinez identified himself as a state trooper. Based on the brief description in a domestic incident report, Tingle said Martinez had struck her head on the dashboard—behavior categorized as “offensive touching.” Martinez was allowed to depart.

One of many photographs taken by Tingle’s friend, Jackie Marshall. COURTESY OF KAREN TINGLE
After the police brought Tingle home, her friend Jackie Marshall, who’d been babysitting, took a couple of photos. In one, a large bruise is visible on the side of Tingle’s face. “I told her that day that she was going to find yourself dead if she didn’t do something about it,” Marshall said.

Martinez was never arrested or charged. When asked why, a spokesperson for the Seaford Police Department said the case was referred to the state attorney general’s office, which has to approve or cooperate with the arrest of a police officer. However, Carl Kanefsky, a spokesperson for the Delaware Department of Justice, said there was no such requirement and that it was the Seaford Police Department which determined that criminal charges couldn’t be sustained.

About every week after the incident within the car, there was also a major development in Martinez’s case with Loiselle. In a plea deal, prosecutors dropped dozens of charges, including the one for felony stalking. In exchange, Martinez pleaded guilty to 2 counts of illegally obtaining criminal history. “It was the judgment of experienced prosecutors, including those who prosecute domestic violence cases, that there wasn’t enough evidence to proceed on all of those counts,” said Kanefsky.

By this point, Tingle wanted to leave Martinez. She just didn’t know the way. Most of all, she worried that if she broke up with him, he would take Kate away from her. So she simply tried to stay out of his way. On November 6, the couple got right into a fight in Tingle’s bedroom. Tingle said she picked up 10-month-old Kate and was walking away when Martinez grabbed a heavy lamp off the bedside table, pulling his arm back as if he was going to hit her. Instead, she said, he dropped the lamp and grabbed her by the throat. While she was still clutching Kate, he pushed her into the bathroom by the neck.

Tingle couldn’t breathe, she said: “I thought I used to be getting able to die, and so was [Kate].” She recalled the bathroom sink digging into her back and the sound of Kate screaming while she tried not to drop her. Martinez’s face was right up in hers and she wet herself. “I have never seen a glance in someone’s eyes that evil before in my life, and that i hope I never see it again,” she said.

Somehow, she said, she managed to knee Martinez and make it back into their room. When Martinez shut himself inside the bathroom, she said, Tingle hastily placed Kate within the carrier and ran for the my hair hair extensions car. She had only driven five minutes down the road when Martinez called. ‘You forgot something,’” she recalled him saying after which it hit her: Fourteen year-old Kristen was still within the house.

So she went back. When she walked in the door, Martinez took her phone, keys and wallet, she said, and told her she wasn’t going anywhere. She didn’t try and call the police. Martinez had told her once that if they tried to arrest him again, he wasn’t going, Tingle said, and she was afraid of what he meant by that. So she put Kate to sleep and told Kristen to stay in her room and keep the door closed. Then she got into bed next to Martinez.

The next day, Martinez had to leave the house to choose up Jasmine and Tingle acted as if she was going to work as usual, putting on her uniform and doing her hair. As soon as he drove away, she collected Kristen from school and went to the state police in Bridgeville. On the way in which, she texted Martinez and told him the relationship was over. He replied:

At the station, she told a detective what had happened. The probable cause affidavit notes that red marks were visible on her neck. As photos were taken for evidence, she was flooded with relief. She arrived home that evening just as Martinez was being led away by police—he had come to the house, despite her texts, to cook hot dogs with Jasmine. Martinez was charged with strangulation, second-degree unlawful imprisonment, menacing, endangering the welfare of a toddler and malicious interference with emergency communications. The police left Jasmine with Tingle. And that was how Tingle and Loiselle met late that night—when Tingle brought Loiselle her sleepy daughter. By then, Tingle’s head was aching and she was too exhausted to essentially talk.

But the two women spoke in the approaching days. Loiselle would only call Tingle from a restricted number at first, because she was worried that Tingle might go back to Martinez. Slowly, though, they peeled back the layers of their stories. Tingle dug up her online dating emails from Martinez going back to 2011, when Loiselle had just moved in with him, they usually discovered the extent of his deception. Loiselle had known for some time that Martinez had a new wife and another baby—but she had no idea that he’d been entangled with Tingle for nearly the entire time she’d known him. Tingle, for her part, was taken aback to seek out Loiselle so friendly and big-hearted—nothing like the unhinged woman Martinez had described. For the first time, both women realized, they’d found someone who believed their story, every word.

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