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100% Real Human Brazilian Curly Virgin Hair Wigs With Bangs For Black WomenI can only find a good ingredient list for ORS “Olive Oil Built-In Protection No-Lye Hair Relaxer System.” Affirm seems to have several different products and the ingredients are difficult to locate.
No-lye and lye-based relaxers both have a high pH – around 11. If they did not have a high pH, they would not break the bonds in your hair necessary to re-form it within the shape you want. Some people have a preference for lye or non-lye by way of results, though. You can leave no-lye relaxers on a bit bit longer than lye relaxers, something that is perhaps helpful if you are worried about not with the ability to get everything done quickly enough. The ORS relaxer I have ingredients for includes 2 things I might need to have in a relaxer – a conditioning type of wheat protein and mineral oil. Those ingredients can act as a buffer so the alkaline (high pH) ingredients don’t act too quickly or aggressively on your hair.
Whenever doing chemical processes on hair, you need to prepare your hair well. If your hair typically does well with protein, use a protein-rich product before relaxing. Use a coconut oil or sunflower oil pre-wash (prepoo) treatment before relaxing (not necessarily immediately before – but as close as possible to relaxing) too. Proteins and oil treatments with those 2 oils can assist protect any damaged areas or more-porous areas in your hair from excessive damage during modern inverted bob relaxing.
Things like relaxers, perms, highlights also tend to increase hair’s need for protein and conditioners afterwards – so if you haven’t been relaxing your hair, make sure you expect that it’ll need more of those things.
I strongly encourage you to do a “strand test” first so you’ll find the best period of time and technique to make use of the relaxer to get the result you want. You can do this on shed hairs for the lowest-risk. Or on a strand of hair someplace that is straightforward to see and assess and keep out of the way when doing the remainder of your hair.
Because I regularly work with high pH solutions, I know the way easy it is to get burned – be sure to guard your eyes so the product won’t run in during rinsing, make sure there is plenty of ventilation so you do not injure the inside of your nose breathing the “fumes” and protect your skin from contacting the product as much as possible.

The “mineral softeners” like New Options are less more likely to burn scalp and over-process hair. They are non-lye, usually made from sodium carbonate, which isn’t as strong an alkaline solution and does not break bonds within the hair. That’s another choice if you are not trying to straighten your hair completely, but rather to loosen or elongate curls. It is not damage-free, but it is less caustic. Good luck!

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modern inverted bob

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