miss a bae suzy

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Natural By Accident

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Finally I concluded that going natural was not for me. I called my hairdresser who normally does my hair and told her I wanted a perm. I miss a bae suzy made an appointment, and needed to travel 20 minutes to her new location. When i got there she told me she did not have the perm she used previously, nor did she have any perm products. I was angry. I even thought of turning around and going home. Then she said I can straighten it with a flat iron. I didn’t even know you might use a flat iron to straighten hair. When she finished, my hair was so straight, bouncy and shiny it looked like I had a perm in my hair. I used to be shocked! I can do all this without putting harsh chemicals in my hair, sign me up! A few months later I called my hairdresser but she had gone missing in action. I did not know what to do with my hair. That’s after i turned to a familiar style, good old fashioned braids. This style worked because I did not want to do the massive chop; this is where the complete perm in your hair is cut out at one time. During my transitional period, I used the time to build up my self-esteem regarding becoming natural. After I took the braids out, I used to be at a crossroads. I knew I didn’t want another perm in my hair and was committed to no chemicals. Ah ha what about an afro. That ought to be easy to take care of. I called my hair stylist Emma, and she cut the final perm out of my hair, and i got an afro. I wasn’t totally comfortable with it at first. One day I wore it to work. My co-workers were silent, which normally means they don’t like it. I went to the grocery store. I feel I may have scared some white people and shocked some black ones too. I admit I was self-conscious but still glad I did it. Out of all of the hairstyles I have tried the afro makes me essentially the most self-conscious. Each time, I leave the comfort of my house to go into a world where straight hair is the norm, I am making a statement whether intended or not. Anyone who knows me knows I’m a quiet low key person. I am not one to draw attention to myself. But wearing an afro goes against the norm not only in white society but black as well. I can remember being in the retail closure store. I walked in feeling self-conscious. As I used to be there I walked near the card aisle. There I saw an enormous card saying “Be true to yourself”. I felt like God was saying to me it’s okay, just be you.

miss a bae suzy

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