Make Fast Hairstyle Changes, Just like Rihanna

It’s amazing the different styles we will now do with our own hair, and quickly!

An ideal case-in-point was Rihanna at the recent MTV music awards together with her four much-talked-about looks that included changes in hairstyles throughout the show.

Right, she’s got a team of professional hairstylists just off stage, ready to make the subsequent style change like a race car pit crew. They are experts, trained, practiced. But “guess what?” you can pull off some pretty fast style changes, too, within the bathroom or in your car before heading to happy hour after work.

In one performance she wore her hair slicked back and pulled up into a ponytail that sat high on top of her head. You need not have long hair to do that! Go with a hair extension. Clip it in and move.

Quality Long Straight Lace Human Hair Wigs Brazilian Hair For SaleHer second style with a veil shows what you can do to change a glance with the massive number of hats, bandanas and other accessories. Try stuff! These things are not expensive.

Hair extensions and hats aren’t the one accessories. Think about wigs. Rihanna went from a mode that reminded me of an 80s mullet suddenly to a subdued, polished slick-back straight look. You can make these sorts of quick changes with a wig and hair pieces. Rihanna has stepped out recently for the paparazzi with some pretty long hair, but we can suppose that on the MTV awards she was working with a number of hair pieces to make her fast changes. The standard of wigs and hair extensions has gotten so strong that it looks totally real but remains fun because your people know.

Wow need I say more about Rihanna? She is totally beautiful and looks amazing in virtually every hairstyle she has worn. She inspires us to embrace change. Do not be afraid to change up your hairstyle. It keeps us from getting right into a rut, and there are such a lot of hair accessories we will use to give us nice change temporarily!

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