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3 Easy Overnight Curls

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Alright ladies so there are a lot of explanation why overnight curls are awesome. First they are often done overnight which saves time within the morning. This is great for me because I’m no morning person. Next they don’t have any heat so your hair will stay strong and never stressed or damaged. Finally, they are easy, and that i mean easy, especially in comparison with curling each curl with a barrel and holding.

So, magenta pink because they’re great time-savers, healthy methods for our strands, and rather easy, I’ve compiled some awesome methods you need to try!

Disclaimer: I do include some instruction and pictures, I am not a hairstylist by any means. If you need further instruction I recommend YouTube for tutorials that give visual instruction!

The Famous Headband Curls
These are so easy to do and each time you come out with beautiful curls. Be sure that you are using thicker headbands because they offers you a thicker curl. I sometimes use two because my hair is so thick. So, I split my hair in two sections- a top and bottom.

Here is magenta pink the way you get these curls. Place the headband around your head and resting on your forehead. Take a small section and loop it across the headband. After the primary loop add a little bit bit more hair to the section and wrap it again. Do that until all hair on one side of the head has been completely wrapped with not ends sticking out. Repeat on other side.

Note, I exploit slightly damp hair.
Heatless Pin Curls

Pin curls give great body and volume to your hair. The curls are bouncy! This does take a while compared to the headband curls but the results are stunning and worth it.

Begin by taking a small section and comb and begin wrapping fingers once around your two fingers after which walk that loop all the best way up to your head and secure with bobby pins. Make it as big or small you want. Repeat on all your hair.

Again- I exploit slightly damp hair.
Clip In  Brazilian Straight Human Virgin Hair ExtensionsFrench or Dutch Braids

Ok so French or Dutch braids result in additional of a wave then a curl. But these are by far the quickest and easiest method to use overnight. I also find that they’re essentially the most comfortable.

I do two French braided ponytails. Simply French braid each side, pulling in hair so as to add to every outer section.

Oh my beloved curls! My entire life, thus far, I’ve looked for that tried and true method to master curls. Actually, I have found it but have always loved finding new ways to curl my straight hair; whether heat or heatless.

I like things easy in life and having the ability to sleep on my hair overnight and wake up with curls is unquestionably awesome. Oh, and saving my hair from damage is just another plus!

magenta pink

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