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Do Closure Techniques Damage A Customer’s Trust

Virgin Indian Natural Wave Hair 3 Bundles Human Indian Hair WeaveField salespeople are trained in closure techniques. They know how to convince the customer, how to persuade them if necessary and press them into signing.

All previous research in this area has focused on which are the best closure techniques and how they function. Sales training experts have raised concerns as to whether these closure techniques potentially have a negative influence.

237 industrial buyers were questioned long wavy sew in on this subject. Six different closure techniques were researched:

Assumption technique The sales person basically acts as if the customer had already “agreed” to the deal. They complete the order without any haste, talk about the possible delivery date and the payment conditions and affirm the customer in their assumed decision: “I am confident that with this outstanding price you have got a very good deal!”

“By the way” technique This is like the assumption technique. The salesperson occupies the customer with secondary details, which, however, encourage the customer to say, “yes” to the contract: “So you agree with me that this is a superb offer Should we deliver into the central depot or direct to you “

Model technique The customer says yes all the more readily the more positive examples affirm them in this. This is particularly accurate with multifaceted purchasing decisions which the customer feels are a little outside their area: “Mr customer, since they decided last month to take our product your colleagues Smith “> Author Box Richard Stone has 1 articles online

Richard Stone, Director of Spearhead Training specialising in management and sales training courses to improve business performance. Richard also provides consultancy advice for many leading companies. View further information at => http://www.spearhead-training.co.uk

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