Little Pigs With A ‘Big Fight’

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Adult Javelina generally weigh 35 to 60 lbs, the male being slightly heavier than the female. New born Javelina weigh about one pound. They are tan to brownish in color with a reddish dorsal stripe. They acquire adult coloration at three months. The salt and pepper appearance of adults is because of whitish bands on the black hairs. These hairs are up to six inches long, with the mane being blackest, longest, and erectile. In the winter, the coat is very dense and dark and the “collar” is visible. In summer, the Javelina sheds hair. The shorter hairs are lighter and the collar frequently shouldn’t be visible. Javelina continue to grow until they reach adult height in about 10 months. At this age, the Javelina are sexually mature. Being of tropical origin, peccaries are able to breeding all year long, the one wild ungulate in the western hemisphere with a year long breeding season. This long breeding season, early maturity, and the power to have two litters in one year gives them the greatest reproductive potential of North American big game. Breeding peaks in January, February, and March. After a 145-day gestation period, most births occur in June, July, and August. This peak corresponds with the utmost rainfall period. Two is the commonest variety of young. Unlike other animals, the Javelina does not lick the offspring at birth, but rolls or tumbles it. The young are precocial, following their mothers shortly after birth and are usually weaned at six weeks. While Javelina have lived to 24 years in captivity, the average life span is closer to seven or eight. Predation on Javelina is common from mountain lions and bobcats. Coyotes and golden eagles are effective predators of juvenile Javelina. Since Javelina are found in so many habitats, its natural that their foods should vary. Javelina are opportunistic feeders. Eating flowers, fruits, nuts, berries, bulbs, and most succulent plants. Prickly pear cactus makes up the main portion of the diet… Behavior Javelina are herd animals with herd sizes averaging 8 to 9 animals. Territories are arrange using droppings and the dorsal scent gland to mark these areas. Aggressive displays might be made to intruding Javelina. Territory size varies with the productivity of the habitat, but averages about 750 acres. In regards to the Author
Peter Jaeckle is an accomplished big game hunter. His hunting specialty is wild boar hunting, which he has exoerienced here and in Europe. Peter Jaeckle authored a best-selling book on wild boar hunting in California in addition to many other hunting and outdoor related publications.

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