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3Pcs Human Virgin Brazilian Hair Straight Bundles With Lace Closure

First, haircuts – how many people girls with long hair like when hairstylists get scissor happy? If you happen to raised your hand, you’re probably alone on this one…
In order lots of you who frequent MGB probably know already, Crystal is no longer with MGB 🙁 which is sad face for me. But it’s sort of okay because Megan really hires the best of the best: Jaclyn gave me my most recent haircut and it was PERFECT – not a lot off the length, layered and thinned a bit.
I’m always very nervous going into a haircut. (No one can take away my mermaid hair!) But Megan and her glam squad have definitely earned my trust.
Second – how many people prefer it when our hair looks like it has been dyed two different colors once we haven’t seen our coloring specialist for a pair months? Once again, should you raised your hand, you’re alone. again.
I HATE HATE when you’ll be able to have a look at someone and blantantly see where their natural hair ends and their last dye job begins. For those of you that may afford to visit your colorist every time you need a touch-up, I am very jealous of you. Unfortunately for me, I’m a college student. Megan knows how to ensure my coloring would not make me seem like a dipped paint brush – and I’m so extremely ecstatic about that.
So.. What are you waiting for? Do you NOT want (your hair) to appear like a VS model?

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