Is The Havanese The fitting Puppy For You?

3pcs Virgin Straight Malaysian Hair Weave Human Bundles With Lace ClosureThe Havanese is small and sturdy in stature. The body of a Havanese is slightly longer than tall. A Havanese has untrimmed long, silky, wavy hair. Their coat is of a texture that does well in warm tropical climates. They have hair that falls over their eyes. This longer hair is usually not tied right into a top knot because it could possibly act as a protective layer from the bright sun. They’ve a plumed tail that’s carried loosely over their hindquarters. 2. Physical Characteristics The Havanese breed is a small dog. The Havanese is 7-13 pounds in weight. The American Kennel Club breed standard is more specific as to the right size of a Havanese. In line with the American Kennel Club a Havanese should be: The height range is from 8½ to 11½ inches, with the perfect being between 9 and 10½ inches, measured at the withers, and is slightly lower than the length from point of shoulder to point of buttocks, creating a rectangular outline rather than a square one. The Havanese breed should have large dark brown almond shaped eyes which might be set widely apart. They have medium length ears. The breed is small in stature, but is under no circumstances fragile. 3. Coat and Color The Havanese has a soft, long-haired double coat. The Havanese can vary in color including: cream, gold, silver, blue, and black. It is crucial to brush your Havanese daily in order that their hair doesn’t become matted. It may take time to get your Havanese used to the daily brushing, but once they do, they could actually enjoy it. Ensure to maintain their face clean as their eyes may produce a small tear discharge. 4. Gait A Havanese is a toy dog with a spring in their step. This extra spice of their step is because of a powerful rear drive paired with flashy front action from their upper arms. The American Kennel Club depicts the Havanese gait as lively, elegant, resilient, and unique. 5. Showing Faults that Lead to Disqualification When showing a dog the judges are very cognizant of any unacceptable faults of the Havanese. Faults related to physical appearance include the following characteristics: • Height at withers under 8½ or over 11½ inches except that the minimum height range shall not apply to dogs or bitches less than twelve months of age. Complete absence of black (or chocolate within the chocolate dog) pigmentation on the eye rims, nose or lips. • Coarse, wiry coat. An atypical short coat on an adult. (Atypical refers to a smooth, flat coat with, or without furnishings.) Remember these faults are of most concern for show dogs. You can raise a Havanese that doesn’t bring home a dog show trophy, but will provide you with companionship, dedication, and protection. As you continue your search for the suitable puppy to get, you really want to think about the Havanese Puppy. If you want more details about this dog, then visit Fiona About the Author
Fiona Kelly is a passionate Havanese owner that has devoted countless hours sharing her secrets on the right way to have the perfect, happy, healthy and best behaved Havanese. If you’re interested in the Havanese then you can try her web site at

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