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The way to Naturally Thicken My Eyelashes

You possibly can achieve naturally thick eyelashes safely and inexpensively without even leaving your own home. The ingredients for naturally thick and longer eyelashes are right inside your medicine cabinet — or at your nearest health food store. Add these steps to your daily beauty regimen and in weeks you might be able to toss your mascara and fake eyelashes for good. Whatever the end result, your lashes will definitely be in better shape than they were before.

Step 1
Practice regular grooming of your lashes as you do your Human Hair Virgin Indian Remy Body Wave Weave 4 Bundles With Lace Closure hair. Brush your lashes twice a day using an eyelash brush or comb. You can too use a clean mascara brush if you don’t have an eyelash brush. Add a few drops of vitamin E oil to the brush, or apply directly onto the lashes. Vitamin E oil helps prevent lashes from shedding. Daily brushing stimulates lash growth and makes your lashes look softer and thicker.

Step 2
Apply olive oil to your lashes. Olive oil is widely used to strengthen hair and stimulate hair growth. Apply a number of drops on a cotton ball and dab on eyelashes. Leave it on for five minutes, then rinse off with tepid water. Do this for four weeks or until you get desired results.

Step 3
Vaseline stimulates hair and lash growth. Apply to your lashes before going to bed at night and rinse off with warm water within the morning. Vaseline is a good substitute if you don’t have vitamin E readily available in your nightly lash-brushing ritual. Just add it to your lash brush and brush through your lashes.

Step 4
Be sure that your daily supplements include vitamins that promote lash growth and strength, akin to vitamins B, D and E. These vitamins keep the eyelashes strong enough to withstand the wear and tear that comes with the daily use of mascara or eyelash curlers. These vitamins also promote hair growth.

Step 5
Remove all traces of eye makeup from the eye area, especially your lashes. Any good eye makeup remover, or even cold cream, will do the trick. Avoid roughly tugging or rubbing whenever you remove our eye makeup to protect your lashes as well because the sensitive skin around the attention.

Step 6
Ditch the eyelash curlers for a while, or stop using them entirely. In response to the Become Gorgeous website, the use of eyelash curlers sabotages your best efforts because they weaken the lashes and can cause breakage. Also consider going without mascara, or occasionally wear fake lashes until you reach the desired results with your lash-thickening efforts.

Eyelash brush or comb
3pcs/pack Virgin Peruvian Hair Body Wave Human Wavy Peruvian Hair Weave BundlesVaseline

Cotton swabs
Vitamin E oil

Cold cream or eye makeup remover
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how to make bangs grow faster

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