How To Grow Out Your Bangs Without Feeling Awk

Breaking up with your bangs is difficult to do. Not just because you’re saying good bye to a banginlook, but because growing out your bangs is sooooooo awk. No wonder most of us cave and reach for the scissors we’d rather wear bangs forever than undergo the vicious cycle again. Depending on how fast your hair‘s thickness and how fast it grows, it typically takes three to four months in your bangs to grow out which, LBH, feels like foreverrrrrr. Below are some awesome tips that will help you survive the struggle in style. (And remember: when in doubt, always confer with your stylist for help!)

3pcs Virgin Straight Malaysian Hair Weave Human Bundles With Lace Closure1. Form of. Trimming your hair helps it remain healthy and nourished, which means it’ll grow faster. Remember: you want this awkward phase to be as fast as possible. Ask your stylist to help blend your bangs into the remainder of your hair, so the transition might be easier. Another tip? Cut your bangs in the center only. It will help the blending soooo much.

2. Switch Your Part

Once your bangs have been growing out for a number of weeks, it’s time to decide on a component. Left or right? Irrespective of which side you choose, it’s a good idea to angle down your part from the crown of your head. This manner makes your transition look less awkward and more natural. Don’t forget to make use of a heavy product, like wax, to keep them in place and less string-like.

3. Accessorize

Want to maintain your bangs off your face while switching up your hairstyle? Bring back the 0s by clipping back your bangs either to the side or from the crown with a barrette or some stylish pins. Luckily this trick works best with both short bangs and people awk in-the-middle bangs. Wearing a stylish headband can also be a super easy trick.

4. Twist Them to the Side

Twist your bangs to the side using a wide range of gorgeous hair hacks. You possibly can French braid your bangs to the side, or gently roll them back behind your ear and secure with a pin. Don’t forget to make use of a pomade and/or hair spray to maintain them in place.

5. Curl ‘Em

Curling your bangs works well for those with either naturally curly or straight locks. Depending on your style and ‘do, use a curling iron to create waves, curls or ringlets. Sweep them to the side or blend them with the remainder of your hair. Finish off with a flexible hair spray.


6. Taper Them Out

This is a perfect search for those who’ve been growing out their bangs for a couple of months. Parting your bangs within the middle, ask your stylist to taper off your bangs to the side so that they blend in with the rest of your hair. This makes for an edgy look that is def not awk. At home you should utilize a flat iron to bend the hair away out of your face. Use some spray to set the look.

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