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What Are The Different Types Of Hair Extensions

These days hair extensions have become an integral part of women’s cosmetic collections and they are looked upon as must have fashion accessories not only by the celebrity figures but also the general public, more so by women who are often in the lime light or face the arc lights on a daily basis and for those who are in the show business and those who are mostly in public view.

Actually hair extensions have been in vogue right from the ancient times when people used wigs, hair weaves and other such techniques how old is raquel welch today to increase the length or the volume of their existing hairs.

This concept has now become very popular and has become an indispensable part of the fashion industry and hair craft. Virgin Indian Natural Wave Hair 3 Bundles Human Indian Hair Weave It is not an exaggeration to say that beauty industry these days cannot do without hair extensions. And the industry of hair extensions thrives on the fashion industry!

The two main types of hair extensions that are more popular are the individual strand extensions and the other is weft extensions.

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In the individual strand hair extensions the technique used is dividing the hair into smaller sections and adding the extension hair to these strands. Most celebrities opt for this procedure since it can rarely go wrong. This method is more expensive and lasts for how old is raquel welch today only a few months after which they begin to fall off.

how old is raquel welch today

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