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Hairstyles; Long & Short. What is New With Hair

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Hairstyles; Long margin:0px !important;” /> Lucille Ball Soo Lucas
Soo Catwoman is no considered the face of punk. She had a method that was polished and all her own during the pink scene of 1976 and 1977. Soo Catwoman’s makeup has inspired other musicians comparable to Nina Hagen, and Lady Gaga.

The History of Fashion. The Victorian Era to the 1960s Styles.
Fashions of the victorian era were beautiful, intricate and ornate. women looked like walking pieces of art. By the teens, women were looking more sporty, skirts were shorter to interact in physical activity. The 1920s fashions were daring and boyish f
Slightly Course Hair Can Easily Be Styled Just like the 1930s Classic Look
Ethnic hair is good for this style, and might often go and not using a perm and still achieve beautiful results. The hair can be set with waving clips and look every bit as classy and sophisticated as it did in the 30s just through the use of gel and spending a couple of hours waiting for the set.

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sendingbreakfastpop 5 years ago
I have curls and it took me way too long to finally embrace them!

Dianna Mendez 5 years ago
I remember when my sisters wore the beehive. I assumed it was so pretty and wanted to grow up fast so that I could wear it too. I assume now we can, again. Tyra Banks looks really good in that do and Meagan Fox is just beautiful. Enjoyed the read.

Paula 5 years ago from Beautiful Upstate New York
Skarlet……Through the years…all 6 decades, I have gone the route of “trying something new”…….only to eventually wave the white flag and return to my basic short cut.

I enjoyed this hub immensely……Gorgeous women and luxurious hair for sure. Because they have personal Hair stylists and as hair weave in bulk I said, they’re all exceptionally gorgeous (and YOUNG!) Let’s face it, a road kill skunk, glued to their head would look fine.

I firmly believe, at the least for me……I do know the very best cut and elegance for my face, lifestyle and of course “type of hair.” I am all done experimenting!

Great hub, Skarlet…..UP+++

hair weave in bulk

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