Hair Removal By Buffing

Strategy of technique of buffing away body hair has indeterminate origins, although this rather unorthodox method of hair removal was definitely popular in World War II when razors were rationed and women resorted to “sandpapering” their legs. Today, women still have the option of picking up strips of fine sandpaper at their local hardware stores, or they may even use a pumice stone. Consumer products such as the graceful Away use dark pads with the texture of very fine, malleable sandpaper attached to a plastic mitt. Andrea James of the consumer website states that hair removal by buffing may be good for those with fine leg hair or to scrub up errant follicles in between waxing sessions. Buffing is also inexpensive and relatively quick, and might be done within the privacy of your personal home.

Step 1
Start with skin that’s clean and dry — do not put any lotion or cream in your legs or the body part to be buffed. Guantee that body hair is not than 1/4 inch in length.

Step 2
Apply a clean, dry mitt, pumice stone or sandpaper to the skin using one hand. With the other hand, pull the skin taut.

Step 3
Briskly but gently buff the skin using small, circular motions — do not use up-and-down strokes. Start by going clockwise for a couple of rotations, then reverse the motion for one more few rotations. Continue to buff the skin on this manner until hair is removed. Then move on to the following portion of hair.

Step 4
After you’re through, rub lotion into your skin. As you’re employed, you may notice that your skin may turn white as your “buffer” exfoliates the highest layer of skin cells. Moisturizing reduces the appearance of white skin and soothes your skin.

Pumice stone, 600-grit sandpaper or consumer hair buffer

Lotion or moisturizer

Peruvian Human Virgin Straight Skin Tape Hair ExtensionsIf you utilize a consumer item, akin to the smooth Away, replace the pad when you notice that it now not effectively removes hair.

Buffing is a form of epilation, so unlike waxing, it removes hair at the surface of the skin only. James indicates that your results can last a number of days or just a few hours. When you’ve got dark, coarse hair, you make notice a “hair shadow” under your skin. Don’t rub the pumice stone, sandpaper or buffing mitt on the skin too hard — not only will this be painful, it can make your skin raw. Don’t use the buffing method of hair removal on skin that’s irritated or sunburned. If your skin becomes raw and inflamed, stop immediately — this won’t be the hair removal technique for you. Some consumer products state that you can use them on all parts of the body, but James warns you not to buff away hair on the face, bikini line or underarms.
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