Girls Hairstyles: Tutorial And Illustrative Videos

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Girls Hairstyles: Tutorial and Illustrative Videos
Updated on August 23, 2016 Susan Ream moreSusan has a love for all things beautiful. She believes hair is a woman’s crowning glory. Explore and enjoy these fun and simple tutorials.

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LIttle Girl’s Hairstyles | Source Sugar and Spice and Hair Styles
“Sugar and Spice and Everything nice, that is what little girls are made from.”

Little girls bring so much joy to our lives. I’ve nine granddaughters and two grandsons.

Our little boys are a bundle of fun and activity. Right from the beginning the rough and tumble showed itself – so amazingly different from the softness of our girls.

Our little girls love tea parties, dress up, princesses and plenty of hugs.

When little girls grow into toddlers the possibilities for hairstyles grows too. So many creative possibilities open up as her hair grows. We start by pulling their new hair into pigtails, ponies and braids; adorned with bows, flowers ribbons and more.

Then comes the time when your little girl’s hair is long enough to try new styles. She is your princess and you’ll want to grace her little head with beauty, interest and charm. A little girl’s hair holds many possibilities. As she gets older those possibilities grow so long as her hair does.

As you experiment and try new styles you will notice which design best accentuates your own little girls unique beauty.

When my girls were growing up, one of many things I loved to do is play with their hair creating new little girl hairstyles. I created different looks by pulling it up, braiding it, putting pretty bows in place and experimenting with different styles. After all it really helped to have such beautiful models to work with. 😉

My daughters are great at creating unique hairstyles. One among my girls has always loved experimenting with hair and in highschool she wore a distinct hairdo day-after-day.

She was known for her hair. Her girl’s at the moment are known for his or her beautiful hair styles created by my daughter. When mommy creates a brand new ‘do’ the ladies are the talk of their school. Their little friends ask if their Mommy will do their hair too.

It’s in honor of my daughters, I’m creating this hub – sharing the magic and fun of making hair styles for little girls.

Hairstyles for Prom | Source Hair for Prom
Do you want braids? Braids usually are not just fancy pigtails anymore. Hair Stylists have begun to use braids in very creative ways. Because the stylist weaves a hairdo with intricate braids she creates interest and unique designs.

The picture you see at the fitting is of my beautiful granddaughter. This is her homecoming picture along with her sweetheart. Though she is just not so little anymore, in age at the least, her hair is the proper example of how braids can be worked into a fancy hairdo. This exquisite hairstyle is enhanced by strategically placing braids throughout this beautiful hairstyle masterpiece.

Dress Up – Babygirl | Source Step by step Guide
Each video shall be accompanied with written instructions.

I encourage you to watch the video first because the instructions will make perfect sense once you view it.

The next time you need to create one of the styles which are demonstrated on the video, you will not have to watch the video – just follow the directions, as needed, to spark your memory.

In the event you try these hairstyles on your little girl, please leave a comment to let me know the way it worked out for you.

Okay Ladies – Let the Fun BEGIN!

French Braid Big Loopy and Messy!
Loopy French Braid

Work with dry hair but spray a bit with water to maintain the flyways away.

With comb part the hair diagonally across the head. Don’t worry about being perfect, it won’t really show.

Put the most important amount of hair, on the left, in a pony with a band.

You will be creating an Inside-out French Braid (watch demonstration.)

Braid loosely; If it is too tight it will not work.

End result is a messy look.

When the braid is complete put a band around it.

Start at the underside of the braid, grab a tiny piece from each bump of the braid and gently pull on it to get that full look.

Continue up the braid pulling until it looks pretty.

Now gather the hair on the left, comb toward braid and unite it in a tie. (See Demo)

Add a Bow or Flower …

That is it!

Whimsical Hairstyle
Waterfall French Braid Triple Non French Braded Hairstyle

Spray the hair with water, as you work, to maintain the fly-ways … away.

Create three braids in the front, from top to bottom, on each side of the top. (Watch Demo)

Section off just a little square of hair at the highest of the head and pull up and tie it off in order that it is out of the way for now.

Smooth hair out on the bottom.

Take one braid, starting with the highest one, on each side and swoop it down to tie together loosely in the back making a waterfall look.

Grab the following two and bring them into the top of the primary set of braids. Tie off.

Bring the last two down a little further and again join with the other brains. Tie off

The following step sounds difficult, but in the event you watch closely, it’s very easy.

Take the hair at the highest of the head, part the hair in half, begin on one side to section pieces and thread the hair through a design weaver.

When complete pull the weaver through the waterfall braids.

Repeat the last two steps on the other side of the part.
Completed with a side pony, it becomes a fantastic style for active girls who aren’t necessarily tuned into keeping their hair prim and proper.

The instructor recommends using a Topsy Tail or a Design Weaver to make your job much easier. I had never heard of either tool. I’m posting some Topsy Tails and Design Weavers below for you to take a look at.

Is that this not ADORABLE?

Little Pricess Hairstyle
Braided Headband with Jewels

Part hair starting from her ear across her head and to the opposite ear

Put hair in a band for now to maintain it out of the best way.

Begin creating a Dutch Lace Braid using a necklace or string of beads. Clip one end of the beads to the bottom of her hair you may have pulled up, in the front, on one side.

Split hair in two sections and use the beads as the third section doing a dutch braid.

Treat necklace as one of the strands.

Keep the beads on the top of the hair so you possibly can see them.

Keep braid over the part to cover the part

If you get to the bottom of the hairline, separate the beads from the braid and continue down without the beads.

Tie off at the underside.

Wrap the braid right into a Bun along side her head. Wrap it around itself and tuck ends in, securing with clips or bobby pins to hide the ends.

Comb through the hair within the back to make smooth.

Bring the rest of the necklace to other side and clip the ends together.
Admire your work and your little Princess girl.

French Twist Curley Braid
This French twist hairstyle is a little different than a standard French Twist – The braid sticks up more and ends up looking like a rope.

This hairstyle may be very intricate, It includes parting small sections of hair in corn rows with lots of twisting to each piece of hair (in the same direction) before you braid it.

At the tip of the video you will see variations of using this technique to create different styles. I feel the curly ponytail with the rope braiding is so feminine and precious.

Side Dutch Braid
The only challenge on this hairdo is to get the hair smooth as you pull it over from one side to incorporate into the braid. It’s very cute!

Slightly wet hair with spray bottle

Part hair in front to the side.

Take a triangular piece right in the front by the forehead pull to the right side and start to braid

Stay as close to her hairline within the front as possible

Continue adding hair from underneath

Pull Hair all the way in which from the other side (smoothing as you go) and add to braid

Continue sectioning hair and bringing over to the side to add to braid

Braid all the way in which down and secure with band

Tug on the bumps of the braid all the way in which as much as create a looser look.

Braid Wrapped Chignon

Part hair on the side

In the back of the top, on the underside, grab just a little chunk of hair, on each side, and braid it. This will be used as the wraps.

Pick up a bit of hair on the side of the head and all the way down to behind her ear – have your child hold that section

Go to the opposite side and repeat

Pull both sides back and join them together loosely; Secure with a band

Tease the hair under the band of the pony until it’s nice and fluffy (this may add fullness inside chignon.)

Go underneath pony, take rest of the hair and secure it with a band a couple of inches from the underside.

Tuck all hair in where the two side pieces meet in the course of the top.

Secure with bobby pins.

Take the 2 side braids, cross over chignon and convey underneath – tuck under and pin in place – hide ends into one another.

Hairspray and you’re done!

Become an Expert at Little Girl Hairstyles
As you watch these video’s, don’t get discouraged if you aren’t getting it the first time. I had to rewind and watch a number of the steps over.

As you practice you’ll eventually become an expert at little girl hairstyles. Do not be surprised in case your little girl’s friend’s want you to do their hair too.

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sendingAuthorSusan Ream 3 years ago from Michigan

Why thanks healthmunsta, I like the side dutch plait too. Glad your lil’ sis will probably be viewing the hub too. 🙂 You must have long hair to be trying out these styles .. let me understand how they work.

Thanks for your uplifting comments. Appreciate you!

healthmunsta 3 years ago

Wow! These are so beautiful! My li’l sis could be very fascinated by hairstyles too, and she’ll be delighted to see this! I’m really captivated by the attractive side Dutch plait, so much in order that I’m planning to try it today! Hope it really works out! Thanks, Susan!

AuthorSusan Ream 4 years ago from Michigan

ajene, Why thank you! It is fun to experiment with little girl’s hair. My little ones look so beautiful in their creative and feminine ‘do’s.’ Appreciate the visit; I hope the video’s are helpful.

ajene 4 years ago

that hairstyles like cute

Why thank you glassvisage .. I am so glad you may be trying the styles yourself. I’ve got another hub, within the works, on hairstyles for women. It is fun to write them and my daughters and granddaughters have fun experimenting with the hairstyles too.

Thanks for the encouragement and for the visit too!

glassvisage 5 years ago from Northern California

Wow, you take girls hairstyling to a different level! These are wonderful and that i want to try them for myself!

Steph, I am so glad you approve. It was quite a fun hub to jot down and i learned too. Already experimenting on my granddaughters. 🙂


AuthorSusan Ream 5 years ago from Michigan

Kathy, I’m so blessed that you are excited .. it makes my day. 🙂 I’ll perform some research on the wedding hairstyle you’re describing for your sweet Becca and get back to you.

As Always,

Praying .. HUGS!


The Stages Of ME 5 years ago

Oh me oh my ~ I am so excited ~ My daughter goes to be in a wedding and they want her hair in a braid thick similar to the side dutch on this hub ~ They want it nice and thick like that but rather than going down they want it to go along the back much like first pic after which leave the rest of the hair down~ If you have some instructions or referral hub with a method I could be so grateful:) Blessing to you this late night 🙂

Stephanie Hicks 5 years ago from Bend, Oregon

This is ideal! Exactly what I was looking for! Loved all of the videos and instructions for these hairstyles for little girls. Rated up across the board. Thanks again for writing on this! Best, Steph

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